How Chipmunk got his Stripes

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  1. the way , the place someone or something goes
    • direction
    • An owl can turn its head in any direction. It can look all around.
  2. to show off
    • brag
    • These antlers are something to brag about! They are huge.
  3. how tall something is
    • height
    • An eagle build its nest at an amazing height. It is at the top of a tall tree.
  4. a long hole underground
    • tunnel
    • A chopmunk knows how to dig a tunnel, shich is a passage underground.
  5. to make fun of
    • tease
    • Never tease, or bother animals . Always respect them.
  6. in the direction of something
    • toward
    • The bear cubs run toward their mother so she can protect them.
  7. twisted
    • curled
    • The fox is curled up around its bushy tail.
  8. got better, mended
    • healed
    • The cut on my hand healed and now I don't need a band-aid.
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