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  1. Monotheism
    Belief in one god
  2. Polytheism
    Belief in many gods
  3. Four Noble Truths. What are they, what religion?

    • 1. Suffering does not exist.
    • 2. Suffering arises from attachment to desires.
    • 3. Suffering stops when attachment stops.
    • 4. Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the eightfold path.
  4. Gladiator
    Roman entertainer. Slaves. Volunteers.
  5. Plebian
    Land owning Roman citizens. Middle class of Rome.
  6. Punic Wars
    Wars between Rome and Carthage. Rome wanted to expand via Sicily, but Carthage didn't have it. Hndred years, thousands of deaths, Rome Won.
  7. Gauls
    • Celtic people living in Gaul.
    • Iron age.
    • Roman Period.
    • Julius Caesar conquered them.
    • Animalism - Boar most sacred.
  8. Qin Shi Huang DI
    • Built the China Wall.
    • 4 million people died.
    • Standardized weights/measures.
    • Drank mercury.
    • Terracotta soldiers.
    • Died in middle of desert.
  9. Ahura Mazda
    • The highest deity in Zoroastrianism.
    • "Light" + "Wisdom".
    • Creator of "arta" (truth).
    • Counter of the "evil spirit" (Angra Mainyu).
  10. Legalism. Where is from? What are the three rules?
    • Han Dynasty.
    • Three rules.
    • Fa: (Law). Law must be written out and available. People rewarded for following and punished for disobeying. Even a weak ruler can be strong.

    Shu: (Tactics). Ruler must use tactics to make sure people can't overthrow you other than to follow the laws.

    Shi: (Power). It is the position that holds the power, not the person.
  11. Qin state.
    One of the seven warring states. Unified China. First to use Legalism.
  12. Tyrant
    Illegal ruler that took over the govt in a Polis. Back then, it was good since the people would want the govt overthrown becasue they were shitty.
  13. Mandate of heaven
    Mandate would bless a divine ruler and dissaprove a bad one. Natural disasters would mean that the ruler is unfit.
  14. Democracy
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