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  1. What is the study of the earth and the way people live on it?
  2. What does a political map show?
    Boundaries of states and countries
  3. What does a physical map show?
    Location of landforms
  4. The 4 cardinal directions on a map are...
    North, south, east, west
  5. What shows the cardinal direction on a map
    Compass rose
  6. What shows the meaning of symbols on a map?
  7. An area of land with common features that set it apart
  8. The climate of an area is....
    The average weather over many years
  9. Precipitation in an area is....
    The amount of moisture that falls to earth
  10. The population of an area is ...
    The number of people living there
  11. The city with the largest population in the US is?
    New York City
  12. There are 5 time zones in the US, which one do we live in?
  13. If it is 2pm in the Easter time zone, what time is it in the Mountian time zone?
  14. If it is 9am in the Pacific time zone what time is it in the Central time zone?
  15. where is St. Joseph?
    Image Upload 1
  16. Where is Kansas City?
    Image Upload 2
  17. Where is Columbia?
    Image Upload 3
  18. Where is St. Louis?
    Image Upload 4
  19. Where is Jefferson City?
    Image Upload 5
  20. Where is Joplin?
    Image Upload 6
  21. What is A?
    Image Upload 7
    Rocky Mountains
  22. What is B?
    Image Upload 8
    Mississippi River
  23. What is C?
    Image Upload 9
    Missouri River
  24. What is D?
    Image Upload 10
    Appalachian Mountians
  25. What is E?
    Image Upload 11
    Atlantic Ocean
  26. What is F?
    Image Upload 12
    Gulf of Mexico
  27. What is G?
    Image Upload 13
    Pacific Ocean
  28. what region is this?
    Image Upload 14
  29. What region is this?
    Image Upload 15
    north east
  30. What region is this?
    Image Upload 16
    south east
  31. what region is this?
    Image Upload 17
    south west
  32. what region is this?
    Image Upload 18
  33. what region has cold winters and hot summers, with thunderstorms, blizards, tornadoes and hail storms?
  34. what region has rain in every season, extream cold winters, and hot summers?
    north east
  35. what region has warm rainy summer, hot pring and mild winters?
    south east
  36. what region has hot and dry?
  37. what region has the Missouri River and Ohio River?
  38. what region has the Chesapeakebay?
  39. What region has the appalachian mountians and the Gulf of Mexico?
    South east
  40. what region has the grand canyon, the rocky mountains, dessert, and the gulf of Mexico?
    South west
  41. What region has the pacific ocean, searra navad, and the rocky mountains?
  42. What is city A?
    Image Upload 19
    Los Angeles
  43. What is city B?
    Image Upload 20
  44. What is city C?
    Image Upload 21
  45. What is city E?
    Image Upload 22
    New Orleans
  46. What is city F?
    Image Upload 23
    New York
  47. What is city G?
    Image Upload 24
    Washington DC
  48. What are the 4 time zones
    Pacific, central, mountain, eastern
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