Spanish- Espuma y nada mas vocab(part 1)

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  1. saludar
    to greet
  2. la havaja, la hoja
    the blade
  3. ponerse a, empezar
    to begin
  4. temblar, estremecese
    to tremble
  5. darse cuenta
    to realize
  6. disimular
    to pretend
  7. probar
    to test, to try
  8. la yema
    the tip
  9. el dedo grande
    the thumb
  10. volver a, hacer otra vez
    to do again
  11. el cinturon
    the belt
  12. ribeteada
  13. la bala
  14. pender
    to hang
  15. la funda
    the holster
  16. colgar
    to hang
  17. el kepis
    military cap
  18. deshacer
    to undo
  19. el nudo
    the knot
  20. afeitar
    to shave
  21. quemado
  22. curtido
  23. minuciosamente
    precisely, thoroughly
  24. el jabon
    the soap
  25. la rebanada
    the slice
  26. la pasta
    the cake of soap
  27. dejar caer
    to drop
  28. el recipiente
    the bowl
  29. mezclar
    to mix
  30. tibio
  31. la brocha
    the brush
  32. revolver
    to stir
  33. la espuma
    foam, lather
  34. deber
    must, probably
  35. seguir
    to keep on, to continue
  36. batir
    to beat
  37. pescar
    to fish, to catch
  38. coger, capturar
    to catch, to capture
  39. internarse
    to enter, to penetrate
  40. dar con
    to catch up with
  41. echarse para atras
    to lean back
  42. aturdido, confundido
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