history of the telephone

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  1. Who is first to transmit telephone msg?
    • Alexander Graham in 1876
    • same year Edison files patent for "acoustic telegraph"
  2. 1920 reelected single phone system commonly known as
    ma bell
  3. 3 traditional powers left in regions
    century link, at&t, verison
  4. Telephone company types (3)
    • International Record Carriers (IRCs)
    • Interexchange Carriers (IXCs)
    • Local Exhange Carrieres (LEC)
  5. Interexchange Carriers (IXCs)
    Long distance calls between diff domestic codes
  6. International Record Carriers (IRCs)
    Manage long distance calls between countries
  7. Local Exchange Carriers (LECs)
    Manage calls within 1 area code
  8. VoIP
    • (Voice over Internet Protocol)
    • telephone communication over data networks'
    • high speed internet and adapter needed
    • changed business world
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