Sociology ch7

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  1. What is Deviance?
    • Behavior that violates the expectations of society
    • or would result in negative sanctions even if no one was aware of the behavior
  2. Why do sociologists treat deviance as a relative concept?
    Because it matters what the social setting is where the deviance occurs
  3. Explain deviance from the order (functionalist) perspective?
    • The people that are involved in deviant behavior are usually brought up in a society with negative values or a small amount of norms.
    • so people get deviance from the society in which they are with
  4. Explain deviance from the conflict perspective?
    • It says that most deviance comes from a failure to meet individual needs in a society.
    • This causes crime
  5. Explain Edwin Sutherland's Differential Association Theory
    If our close associates are deviants, there is a strong probability that we will learn the techniques and the deviant values that make criminal acts possible.
  6. What is the main argument from Robert Merton's theory of deviance?
    A society sets goals and how to achieve these goals and the problem is that some people are denided access to the legitimate means of achieving thesse goals.
  7. What is deviant behavior from the culture of poverty theory and what is its main weakness?
    Poor people are poor because they have poor values
  8. What is Blaming the Victim?
    The person that is involved in deviant or negative actions is the one to blame or could be somone like the persons family background
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