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  1. Why can the sphinx face not khufu?
    studies of the measured demensions have proved it
  2. what constilation is the sphinx connected to and what lead us to believe this?
    Leo the liion from the hieroglyphic aker
  3. who told of a secreat room under the sphinx and what was its name?
    Edgar cayce "the sleeping prophet" told of a Hall of Records
  4. What are the four colors of egypt in order of importance?
    Black (most holy), white (hedj), red, bluish green (wdj)
  5. Who was the goodes taweret?
    the hippo goddess of pregancy, uses the rattle (sistrum) that scares away the demonic forces.
  6. what was the birthing Chari called?
  7. What was the Menat?
    THe halter like object that hat hor held out by her as an offering of her charms
  8. who was given a phrophecy that told of futre death.
  9. What was the time span of the first intermediate period?
    2100's to the 1900's
  10. what was the time span of the middle kingdom?
    the 1900's to the 1700's
  11. What dynasties were included in the first intermediate period?
    7-11(first half)
  12. Who helped caused the start of the first intermediate period
    pepii the II (he was part of the 6th dynasty
  13. What factors of pepyII contributed to the first intermediate period
    Long ruling time(8-96 years old), had no seccessors, no major building projects such as the pyramids, tax waivers to friends
  14. What is significant about the 7th dynasty?
    70 rules lasting 70 days, Capital at Memphis and burials at saqqara
  15. What is significant about the 8th dynasty?
    King Ibi rules, build a phyramid with pyramid texs at saqqara.
  16. What does King Ibi mean?
    My heart
  17. WHat needs to be known about the 9th dynasty?
    Herakleopolis is the Capital, he gathered mercenaries along the nile to protect themselves
  18. What is known about the 10th dynasty?
    Tifibi is the ruler, Capital in herakompolis (like the 9th), ruled from the house of kheti.
  19. What is known about the first half of the 11th dynasty?
    Capital moved to wast aka thebes, Inyotef founded the 11th. Monjuhotep II defeated kheti's kindom ending the intermediate period
  20. What is another name for Asyut?
  21. What funeral enclosure is the crowing glory of 11th dynasty? (whos)
    Mentuhotep II. two level with a ramp to the second(ties to the pyramids). toped by a primevel mound with cyprus trees
  22. whos pyramid was 304 feet tall? explain significance?
    Amenemhat the 1st. this project brought the contry together agian but not the way the 4th dynasty pyramids did
  23. On the map what do the dots with a circle represent
  24. on the map what do the open circles without a dot represent?
  25. what is the mane for the person in charge of a nome?
  26. What did the Two ways of Horus connect?
    the cities avaris(rowarti) and Sharuhen.
  27. Who built the two ways of horus?
    Amenemhat the 1st
  28. Whos mask would prist wear and when would they where them?
    Anubis during embalming rituals
  29. What is an amulet?
    objects inteded to bring good luck or protection to its owner.
  30. WHat amulets were colored black?
  31. What was the bettle amulet used for? What did it look like?
    Betle body with human face that scared away the evil bettle apshi
  32. WHat was the name of the evil beetle?
  33. Who were the three great gods?
    Anubis, hor, osirus,
  34. What was anubis's home town?
  35. What are two other names for Anubis?
    Anpu, anku
  36. What is another name for Asyute What is asyut?
    A city aks Lykropolis
  37. When was Amenemhat 1st rulling?
    1937 (1900)
  38. What is important to know about Amenemhat the 1st?
    was not born into ruling, brought people together in the delta, was assasinated, and was in co-regency wi senruset(his son), built two ways of horus
  39. When was AMenemhat the III ruling?
  40. What is important to know about Amenembat the 3rd?
    He built irigation to control the flooding, BUilt the black pyramid at dshshur, sobek is present and protecting,
  41. What is important about Senruset 1
    Built forts in nubia through the wawat region.
  42. What crown does Sobek wear?
    Red crown of lower egypt
  43. where is the capital of the 11th dynasty?
    Thebes moved from herakleopolis
  44. How did the second intermediate period start?
    a power stuggle between the 12 dynasty rulers and the rulers from the delta.
  45. When was the 13th dynasty
  46. what is significant about the 13th dynasty?
    King ay, shif in economic interest to city of avaris
  47. Group a of 15th dynasty are now for what?
    palestinian called khasute,
  48. who is ruller of the group b of dynasty 15th
    King apophis,
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