11/07/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 386

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11/07/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 386
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Medical Terminology Pg 386

11/07/11 (MA) Medical Terminology - Pg. 386
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  1. amenorrhea
    is absence or abnormal stoppage of the meses.
  2. aplasia
    is failure of lack of formation or growth.
  3. aspermatism
    is a condition in which there is a lack of male sperm.
  4. cervix uteri
    means neck of the uterus
  5. dysmenorrhea
    refers to painful menstruation.
  6. epididymis
    is a tube that temporarily store sperm
  7. estrogen / progesterone
    is female hormone produced by ovaries.
  8. gravida 4
    refers to a woman in her fourth pregnancy.
  9. hydrocele
    is a collection of fluid in a saclike cavity
  10. oophoritis
    is an inflamed condition of the ovaries.
  11. para 4
    refers to a woman that delivered four infants.
  12. PID
    is a collective term for any extensive bacterial infection of the pelvic organs, especially the uterus, uterine tubes, or ovaries.
  13. postmenopausal
    means occurring after menopause.
  14. prostatic cancer
    is a malignant neoplasm of the prostate
  15. prostatomegaly
    means enlargement of the prostate.
  16. testopathy
    refers to disease of the testes.
  17. testostrone
    is a male hormone produced by testes.
  18. uterus
    is an organ that nourishes the embryo.
  19. vas deferens
    is a duct that transport sperm from testes to the urethra.
  20. vasectomy
    is a procedure to sterilize a man by cutting the vas deferends, preventing the release of sperm.