11/04/11 Africa

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  1. What country has most of the Muslims of the world?
  2. What are the 4 top countries for Islam?
    • Indonesia
    • Pakistan
    • India
    • Bangladesh
  3. What used the be the 5th biggest country for Islam?
    Soviet Union
  4. What do Muslims pride themselves on?
    being clean
  5. Where do Muslims stay when they go to Mecca for the pilgrimage
    Arafat to stay in tents
  6. How many people can the newly expanded sacred Mosque hold?
    up to a million people
  7. Where is the black stone?
    inside the ka'aba
  8. What color did the black stone used to be?
  9. What are you supposed to do to the black stone while you worship?
    • kiss it
    • blow a kiss to it
  10. Why did the black stone turn from white to black?
    because the sins of the people were transferred from them to the stone when they kiss it
  11. what was built from Arafat to Mecca?
    a tunnel
  12. What are you to do when you are done worshipping at Mecca?
    go to mount Arafat and pray and read the Quaran out loud
  13. How many pebbles do you pick up from Mena?
    49 pebbles
  14. Where do you throw the 49 pebbles you got from Mena?
    at the pillars that represent sin
  15. how many pebbles do you throw at each pillar?
    7 pebbles
  16. If you are a wealthy enough Muslim where do you go to worship?
    the prophet's mosque where Muhammad is burried
  17. What conflict is going on in Cyprus?
    • they have a fence down the middle of the island
    • it's claimed by both Greece and Turkey
  18. What is the issue with the Kurds?
    • they are not at all like Arabs
    • They live in 4 different countries
    • they want their own country called Kurdistan
  19. Where are the Kurds located (4 countries)?
    • northern Iraq
    • Trukey
    • Iran
    • Azerbaijan
  20. What are the cities like in Northern Iraq because of the Kurds?
    • clean
    • safe
    • progressive
    • great schools
  21. What 2 middle eastern countries have fought a war recently?
    Iran and Iraq
  22. What weapons did Iraq use against Iran?
    • biological warfare
    • weapons of mass destruction
  23. Why was the woman grieving over her dead husband and 3 dead sons upsete?
    because she had no more sons to give to the war
  24. if you fight in a Jihad and are killed what happens to you?
    you automatically get to go to heaven
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