marketing #2

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  1. define promotion
    communicating with customers to let the know about the product and to persuade them to buy it
  2. what are the 4 main ways to promote?
    • >advertising
    • >sales promotions
    • >public relations
    • >personal selling/direct selling
  3. define advertising
    paid, non-personal communication of information about a product or service through various media
  4. types of advertising
    • >reminder
    • >informative
    • >persuasive
    • >generic
    • >comparative
  5. functions of advertising
    • >info about the product
    • >remind customers
    • >persuade
    • >defensive advertising
    • >increase sales and profits
  6. types of advertising media
    • >televison
    • >radio
    • >newspapers
    • >magazines
    • >billboards
    • >direct mail
  7. what to consider when choosing an advertising medium
    • >media habits of target audience
    • >nature of the product
    • >the message
    • >cost
  8. what does ASAI stand for?
    advertising standards authority of ireland
  9. what does ASAI do?
    keeps an eye on the advertising industry to ensure that customers are protected
  10. info about ASAI
    volunatry organisation, no legal power, set up by people who work in the advertising industry, regulates advertising industry in ireland, tries to protect consumers from false, misleading and offensive ads
  11. what are sales promotions
    incentives a business offers customers to encourage them to buy more of its product and to buy it sooner than they normally would
  12. sales promotions techniques
    • >loyalty cards
    • >free gifts
    • >money off coupons
    • >competitions
    • >free samples
    • >merchandising
  13. what does merchandising mean?
    business displays its products and lays it out in a store in an attractive and eye-catching way
  14. define public relations
    presenting a good image of the business and building a good relationship with consumers by obtaining favourable publicity
  15. functions of PR
    • >attract publicity when launching new products
    • >target certain customers
    • >build an image that reflects well on the company
    • >defend products that have encountered bad publicity
  16. techniques used in PR
    • >events
    • >press releases
    • >public services activities
    • >sponsorship
  17. define personal selling
    when a salesperson meets with the customer face to face to give them info about a product and to persuade them to buy it
  18. traditional channel of distribution
    • >manufacturer
    • >wholesaler
    • >retailer
    • >consumer
  19. alternative channel of distribution
    • >manufacturer
    • >retailer
    • >consumer
  20. direct channel of distribution
    • >manufacturer
    • >consumer
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