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  1. In which step of the nursing process are nursing interventions carried out?
  2. Which of the following is an independent nursing action? Admin meds, giving a back massage, ordering a heating pad and applying it, assisting a physical therapist by helping a patient with exercises?
    Back massage
  3. At a minimum, long-term care facilities require written documentation of a patient�s problem or nursing diagnosis every
  4. Revision of the nursing care plan involves
    inactivitating resolved problems
  5. The goal of an outcome-based quality improvement (OBQI) program is to
    improve patient outcomes
  6. Regarding construction and use of nursing care plans,
    nursing students use nursing care plans for their assigned patients
  7. A nursing audit
    must occur in every hospital to maintain accreditation.
  8. Before carrying out a specific intervention in the patient plan of car, a nurse should
    Identify any potential dangers
  9. What is true regarding delegation?
    Delegation occurs when LPN transfers the authority to perform a nursing duty to unlicensed assisted personnel
  10. As a charge nurse, it is recommended that an LPN have
    the ability to recognize significant changes in a patient�s condition
  11. Preoperative and postoperative orders are acceptable if
    the preoperative orders include the exact procedure to be performed
  12. Young, immaturepolymorphnuclear neutrophils are called
  13. A nurse is giving instructions to a patient who will have a cardiac catherization. What should the nurse include in the teaching?
    A catheter is inserted into a vein o r artery and is threaded into the heart
  14. An EEG is done to diagnose which disorder?
  15. Hyponatremia may be caused by
  16. What may cause hyperkalemia?
    Renal failure
  17. A patient has end stage COPD. What acid base issue would they have?
    Respiratory acidosis
  18. What is correct about MyPyramid?
    To consume 2-4 servings of fruit daily and 3 of dairy
  19. Which nutrient plays a role in maintaining fluid balance, transportation of nutrients and antibody production?
  20. Which nutrient is essential for metabolism and cellular function?
  21. Which oil contains omega 3 fatty acids?
    Soybean oil
  22. A Muslim will not eat
  23. A post operative diet includes
    clear liquids when bowel sounds are audible
  24. A patient with a history of alcohol abuse is likely to have
    thiamine deficiency
  25. Which feeing tube would be placed in the small intestine?
    Jejunostomy tube
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