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  1. Human resource Management includes the following activities except for
    production forecasts
  2. Technological, deregulation, globalization trends are in turn producing changes in the nature of
    jobs and work.
  3. The specific HR courses of action the company plans to achieve its goals/objectives if referred to as an
    human resource strategy
  4. In the interview method of job analysis, the following questions are often asked of employees except
    what are your career goals?
  5. According to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), job descriptions should indentify the following needed to perform the job’s essential functions except:
    independent communication
  6. Contingent staffing is an increasing trend in today’s business world due to the following except for
    increase cost per hour for the temporary employees
  7. The following are common interviewing mistakes made by interviewers except
    following a structured guide
  8. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires that executives cannot retain bonuses or profits from selling company stock if they mislead the public about the financial health of the company
  9. The first step in a training program is to determine what training if any
  10. The following are steps in the five-step training and development process except
    summary and review.
  11. The heart of performance analysis is distinguishing between:
    can’t do and won’t do
  12. Training is used to focus mostly on technical skills, but today’s employees need skills and training in all of the following areas except
  13. Organizational change often starts with
    strategic change
  14. With reengineering, jobs generally change from
    specialized task to multi-dimensional generalist work
  15. Kurt Lewin believed that all behavior in organizations was a product of two factors:
    those striving to maintain the status quo and those pushing for change
  16. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 contains the following provisions except
    minimum hours.
  17. The concept that each employee should view his or her pay as equitable given other pay rates inside the organization is known as
    internal equity
  18. Job evaluation is a technique used to determine
    relative worth of each job
  19. The family and medical Leave Act requires the employer to pay an employee when he or she is out of work because of illness
  20. The arrangement where groups of health care providers contract with employers, insurance companies, or third-party payers to provide medical care services at a reduced fee is a
    Preferred provider organization (PPO)
  21. Wages must compare favorably with rates in other organizations, a concept which is known as
    external equity
  22. The following are fringe benefits provided to employee at their employers discretion except
    workers compensation
  23. Performance appraisal is defined as evaluating an employee’s performance relative to
    performance standards.
  24. The simplest and most popular technique for apprising employees is the
    graphic rating scale
  25. The following are reason for failure of a performance appraisal except
    clarifying standards against which the employee will be appraised
  26. The agency created by the Wagner Act to investigate unfair labor practice charges and to provide secret ballot elections to determine if a firms employees want a union is
    National Labor Relations Board
  27. The following are deemed unfair labor practices by the Wagner Act except
    investigation of references and other information for hiring
  28. If an employer chooses not to contest the union’s right to an election the scope of the bargaining, or whether employees are eligible to vote in the election, no hearing is needed and the partied can proceed to an election…
  29. OSHA regulations include the following except
    recruiting and selection
  30. Employers are responsible for meeting the requirement under OSHA to provide a workplace free from recognized
  31. Approaches’ to preventing accidents boil down to such basic activities as reducing
    unsafe conditions and unsafe acts
  32. The Drug-free Workplace Act of 1988 requires employers with federal contracts to do the following except
    establish on-site detoxification facility for serious incapacitated employee treatment
  33. Consequences of job stress for the employer include all the following except
    decreased health care cost
  34. Smoking is a big political issue, but studies show smoking has little or no effect on company bottom line.
  35. The appropriate time to begin “controlling” workers compensation claims is before the accident happens
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