Pharmacy Vocabulary

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  1. Controlled Substance
    • Medications with the potential for abuse
    • More strict regulations
  2. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
    Responsible for putting into effect rules and regulations meant to ensure public safety
  3. Auxillary Labels
    Used on prescription vials to expand directions or issue reminders or warnings
  4. Side Effect
    Undesired effects of a drug
  5. Patient Package Insert (PPI)
    Additional written information provided by the manufacturer, directed to the patient, required with for certain medications
  6. Package Insert
    Labeling required by the FDA detailing the indicated use, dosage and administration, effects, chemical description, warnings, and storage of the drug
  7. Legend Drug
    Medication identified by the Federal Legend as an "Rx only" item
  8. Min/Max
    Order points et for products to maintain appropriate inventory
  9. Balance On Hand (BOH)
    Quantity of product on the shelf
  10. Patient Information
    Info printed with each prescription label
  11. Fill On Arrival (FOA)
    Occurs when there is not enough product to fill the prescription order
  12. Adjudication
    Process of sending a prescription clain from the pharmacy to the patients third party provider
  13. Copy Transfer
    Occurs when a patient requests a prescription refill at a location other than where it was last filled
  14. Hard Copy
    Original written prescription
  15. Average Wholesale Price (AWP)
    Manufacturers suggested list price
  16. Acquisition Cost
    Price pharmacies pay to receive a product intended for resale
  17. Drug Utilization Review (DUR)
    Method of checking drug interactions/correct dosages/allergies when dispensing medication
  18. Prescription Plan
    Identifies the third party billing agency
  19. Bank Identification Number (BIN)
    Used for a claims processor to identify a third party payer for a claim
  20. Cardholder ID #
    ID number for the person carrying the coverage
  21. Group #
    Numbers or letters identifying the employer to the third party agency
  22. Person Code
    Number identifying which family member the pharmacy is billing for
  23. Co-pay
    Amount the patient pays above what is paid by the third party for a prescription
  24. Third Party
    Provides benefits to patients to help offset the cost of medical expenses
  25. Third Party Processor
    Third party insurance company
  26. Formulary
    List of drugs that a particular prescription plan prefers
  27. Non-formulary
    Prescribed medication not listed on the list of preffered drugs that may not be covered or may come with a higher co-pay
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