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  1. which books comprise the poetical section?
    • Job
    • psalms
    • proverbs
    • ecclesiastes
    • song of songs
  2. what are the most common characteristics of hebrew peotry?
    • Meter/ryhme
    • parallelism
    • chiasm
    • acrostics
  3. define meter/ryhme
    each line follows a certain meter or accent pattern
  4. define parallelism
    two lines complement the other in some way
  5. define chiasm
    criss crossing lines
  6. define acrostics
    alphabetic poems
  7. what is the most important feature of hebrew poetry?
  8. name three primary types of parallelism
    • synonymous
    • antithetic
    • synthetic
  9. define synonymous
    repetition of the same thought
  10. define antithetic
    two lines stand in sharp contrast to each other
  11. define: synthetic
    second line normally completes a thought that the 1st line left incomplete
  12. psamls 8 reveals chiastic structure by what pattern?
  13. what is cuneiform language spoken by Ancient Ugarit called?
  14. what language is similar to Ugaritic
    Biblical Hebrew
  15. How does Ugaritic contribute to a better understanding of the hebrew text?
    • 1. it adds clarity to rare hebrew words
    • 2. it uses the sme style of parallelism
    • 3. it provides background about the polytheism of ancient Israel's time
  16. which book answers the question "why do religious people suffer?"
  17. which book is the song book?
  18. which book gives practical guidelines for living?
  19. in which book is the meaning of life explored?
  20. which book focuses on the joy of romantic love?
    song of solomon
  21. which three books does the designation "wisdom literature" apply?
    • job
    • proverbs
    • ecclesiastes
  22. two general group classifications of ancient near eastern wisdom literature
    • 1. brief proverbial amxims (usually optimisitic)
    • 2. sages produced documents containing lengthy discourses or essays grappling with life's most difficult problems (usually pessimistic)
  23. name four people who give job advice or rebuke him in the book of job
    • eliphaz
    • bildad
    • zophar
    • elihu
  24. why have many assumed a pre-mosaic origin for the book of job?
    • 1. many circumstances of job's seem patriarchal
    • 2. job offers sacrifices without benefit of priest
    • 3. job's wealth is measured in terms of floacks and servants
    • 4. job's long life-span harkens back to genesis
  25. explain retribution theology
    the very righteous of right leads to blessings, and the wrongness of wrong leads naturally to disaster...you reap what you sow
  26. which book contains more direct parallels with ancient near eastern literature than any other book in the bible?
  27. how many songs from hebrew religious life and worship are contained in psalms?
  28. name the different types of psalms that are attributed to david
    • praises
    • laments
    • penitential
    • imprecatory
    • royal
    • messianic
  29. who were some of the authors of the psalms?
    • david
    • asaph
    • sons of korah
    • moses
    • solomon
    • mystery authors
  30. give two reason for the unique place of the psalms in god's word
    • 1. they gave us insight into israelite worship
    • 2. they deal with all aspects of hebrew life
  31. which german scholar laid the foundation for the study of psalm classification?
    hermann gunkel (student of form of criticism)
  32. what are the psalm types?
    • hymns
    • penitential
    • wisdom
    • royal
    • messianic
    • imprecatory
    • lament
  33. define hymns
    songs of praise and thanksgiving to God for who he is and what he ahs done
  34. define penitential
    confess sorrow for sin, appeal to God for grace and forgiveness
  35. define wisdom
    general observations on life, esepecially God and our relationship to him
  36. define royal
    focus on the king as the son of david and as god's special instrument to rule his people
  37. define messianic
    describe some aspect of the messiah's person or ministry
  38. define imprecatory
    call for god's judgment against god's enemies and/or his people
  39. define lament
    lament one's condition; usually includes statement of lament, statement of trust in god, and affirmation of praise to him
  40. what is a proverb?
    is a succict and persuasive saying proven true by experience
  41. what two things are the proverbs not?
    • 1. proverbs are not promises
    • 2. proverbs are not commands
  42. what two women are compared and contrasted in proverbs?
    • lady wisdom
    • dame folly
  43. the 30 sayings of proverbs 22-28 are similar to what document?
    the egyptian document, the Instruction of Amenemope
  44. Qohelet in ecclesiastes has been translated in the KJV and NKJV as what?
  45. what does solomon mean when he said "vanity of vanities! all is vanity"?
    everything is meaningless
  46. we reach our greatest potential as part of God's creation by doing what?
    by obeying God
  47. many jewish scholars have interpreted song of songs as an allegory revealing what?
    the love between Yahweh and israel
  48. what does the song of songs celebrate?
    the sexual love between husband and wife
  49. What is Theodicy?
    attempt to justify God's ways in world
  50. What does Eliphaz do when he rebukes Job?
    he empahsises God's justice and purity and taught people that they bring trouble on themselves
  51. What does Bildad do when he rebuke's job?
    traditional and he explained that individual who pursues wickedness should not be surprised at such punishment
  52. What does Zophar do when he rebuke's Job?
    he considered self as rationalist and reasoned Job's punishment is no less than should be expected
  53. What was the theme of Job's first cycle of rebuking?
    Job is guilty and deserves punishment
  54. What was the theme of Job's second cycle of rebuking?
    He is not praying and the wicked and greedy deserve this punishment
  55. What was the theme of Job's third cycle of rebuking?
    it is impossible to be righteous, so you deserve this punishment
  56. How does the Lord finally reveal himself to Job?
    in a windstorm
  57. What two things does God say when he arrives to Job?
    • 1) rebuked Job for ignorance
    • 2) challenged Job with how strong he is compared to God
  58. What two events happen at the end of Job with God?
    • 1) God reprimands Job's friends
    • 2) God restores Job's fortunes
  59. who wrote Job?
  60. Define proverb...
    succint and persuasive saying proven true by experience in God's universe and how it operates
  61. What two things are proverbs not?
    • 1) promises
    • 2) commands
  62. What are two general types of wisdom literature? and explain them...
    • 1) discoursive - grapples with difficult issues on life (pessimistic) (Job)
    • 2) instructional - or didactic in nature (optimistic) (proverbs)
  63. define distichs...
    saying in poetry two lines each
  64. One word to describe Job...
  65. one word to describe proverbs...
  66. one word to describe ecclesiastes...
  67. one word to describe song of songs...
    love...in marriage
  68. describe job...
    • upright and blameless
    • shuns evil
    • richest man in east
  69. How does God restore Job's wealth and goods?
    • 1) doubles his possessions
    • 2) gives him best looking daughters in land
    • 3) intercedes on behalf of friends
  70. what is the last verse in each section of psalms called?
    doxology - description of praise to the lord that serves to "tie off" section
  71. what does ecclesiastes demonstrate?
    how faith can triumph over doubt
  72. what does song of songs celebrate?
    love between husband and wife
  73. what does ecclesiastes refer to?
    leader or speaker of assembly
  74. what are two different approaches to song of songs explicit material?
    • 1) typological - historical and illustrates intimacy with covenant bond with God and his people
    • 2) allegorical - text relates hidden meanind. Not historical bu relates God's intimacy with his people
  75. how many sections is psalms divided into? and what do they correspond to?
    • 5
    • five books in the pentateuch
  76. what is the key word for psalms?
  77. what is the highest praise?
  78. What books are known as Genesis in psalms?
    psalms 1-41
  79. what books are known as exodus in psalms?
    psalms 42-72
  80. what books are known as leviticus in psalms?
    psalms 73-89
  81. what books are known as numbers in psalms?
    psalms 90-106
  82. what books are known as deuteronomy in psalms?
    psalms 107-150
  83. which book is known as the hallelujia chorus in psalms?
  84. what is the shortest chapter in the bible?
    psalms 117
  85. what is the longest chapter in the bible?
    psalms 119
  86. what is the center of the bible?
    psalms 118:8
  87. who is the author of proverbs?
  88. who is the author of ecclesiastes?
  89. what verse seems to define the rest of proverbs?
    proverbs 1:7
  90. what are the proverbs similar to?
  91. where does wisdom come from? knowledge?
    • god
    • books
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