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  1. Albumin
    Measurement of the amount of albumin (protein) in both the serum and the urine.
  2. Blood Culture
    Test to determine whether infection is present in the bloodstream.
  3. Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
    Measurement of the amount of urea (nitrogen-containing waste material) in serum.
  4. Cerebrospinal fluid
    Measurement of the cerebrospinal fluid for protein, sugar, and blood cells.
  5. Cholesterol
    Measurement of the amount of cholesterol (substance found in animal fats and oils, egg yolks, and milk) in serum or plasma
  6. Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    Determination of the numbers of leukocytes (WBC), erythrocytes (RBC), and platelets (clotting cells)
  7. Culture
    Identification of microorganisms in special laboratory medium (fluid, solid or semisolid material)
  8. Creatinine
    Measurement of the amount of creatinine, a nitrogen-containing waste material, in serum of plasma.
  9. Electrolytes
    Determination of the concentration of electrolytes (chemical substances capable of conduction an electric current) in serum or whole blood.
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