Lecture 5

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  1. Structure of Skeletal Muscle (visceral)
    • -striations
    • -multinucleate
    • -T tubules form Triads with SR
  2. Structure of Cardiac Muscle
    • -striations
    • -single nucleus
    • -intercalated discs
    • -white halos (glycogen)
    • -T tubules form dyads with SR
    • -binucleated Purkinje fibers
  3. Structure of Smooth Muscle
    • -no striations
    • -mononucleate
    • -no T tubules
    • -no NMJ
    • -spontaneous depolarizations
  4. Epimysium
    Layer of connective tissue which sheaths the entire muscle (dense irregular)
  5. Perimysium
    Sheath of connective tissue that groups muscle fibers into bundles or facsicles (dense irregular)
  6. Endomysium
    Connective tissue sheath that surround individual muscle cells (mostly reticular fibers)
  7. Sarcomere Structure
    • I band: light (isotropic) = actin filaments
    • A band: dark (anisotropic) = myosin filaments
    • Z disc: actin linked to z disc proteins
  8. T Tubules
    Invaginations of the sarcolemma that spread membrane depolarization deep into the cell
  9. Skeletal Muscle Fiber Types
  10. Intercalated Discs
    • 1. adherens junctions
    • 2. desmosomes
    • 3. gap junctions
  11. Muscle Type Comparison

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Lecture 5
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Muscle Histology

Muscle Histology
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