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  1. Excessive lip protrusion is most often seen in
    Class II Malocclusion
  2. Indications for Orthodontic treatment include
    • Malocclusion
    • Impaired mastication
    • Susceptibility to decay
  3. The arch wire is
    A pattern that gives the dental arch its shape
  4. Elastomeric ties can be removed by using
    An orthodontic scaler
  5. Dentofacial proportions and the anatomical basis of malocclusion are most effectively evaluated on
    cephalometric radiographs
  6. The use of orthodontic separators is necessary before the placement of
  7. When maxillary fist molars require stabilization or distal movement, "blank" is used.
    Cervical traction on the head gear
  8. Damage to a tooth bud during development may be a "blank" cause of malocclusion.
  9. No vertical overlap of the teeth is seen in a patient with an
    open bite
  10. If periodontal problems are present, they are treated "blank" orthodontic treatment is started.
  11. On a cephalometric tracing, the "blank" is the bottom of the chin.
    menton Me
  12. In preparation for the bonding of brackets, the
    teeth are conditioned, rinsed and dried
  13. Buccal arch wire tubes are located on
    • maxillary first molar bands
    • mandibular first molar bands
  14. Once the arch wire is positioned in the brackets, it is "blank" into place
  15. To retain the teeth in their position following the removal of fixed orthodontics, the patient will wear a "blank" for 6 to 10 months.
  16. During the final stages of treatment, a "blank" arch wire is used to position the crown and root in the correct maxillary and mandibular realationship.
  17. When placing steel separating springs, the spring is slipped into place with the helix positioned to the "blank" side of the tooth.
  18. Intraoral photographs for orthodontics patients include the
    • Front view
    • Maxillary occlusal view
    • Right buccal view
  19. An orthodontic scaler is used to
    • Aid in direct bracket placement
    • Remove elastomeric rings
    • Remove excessive cement from banding
  20. When there is insurance coverage for orthodontic treatment, it is the responsibility of the "blank" to submit periodic progress claims for reimbursemnt.
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