Visual Fields

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  1. Describe Optic tract syndrome.
    • contralateral APD
    • contralateral bowtie atropy--- nasal radiating/papillomacular bundle
    • contralateral homonymous hemianopia
    • ipsilateral superior/inferior atrophy temporal arcuate fibers
  2. Lateral geniculate body recieves blood supply from what major arteries. Denote to the specfic artery to the VF below.
    horizontal sectoranpia is damage to what vessels
    persevation of horizontal wedge with lower and upper homonymous quandrants
    • PCA
    • MCA
    • posterolateral choroidal artery from PCA
    • anterior choroidal artery from MCA
  3. superior visual fibers course through the _______lobe.
    What type of VF?
    What is finding in parietal lobe lesions?
    What pathway is affected?
    • parietal inferior homonymous quandrantanopic contralateral to lesion
    • reduced okn toward side of lesion
    • damage to pursuits pathway
  4. Inferior visual fibers coursing from LGB through myers loop of course through the _______lobe.
    What type of VF?
    • temporal
    • inferior homonymous quandrantanopic contralateral to lesion
  5. macular sparing homonymous hemanopia suggest what part of the brain affect.
    What artery is affected
    • Occipital lobe supplied by posterior cerebral artery
    • Macular spared because of dural supply by PCA and MCA
  6. homonymous parcentral scotoma is from what type brain lesion
    occipital lobe tip secondary to hypofusion
  7. Anton syndrome
    denial of blinding secondary to cortical blindness
  8. What is Riddoch phenomenon?
    injury of occipital perceive moving targets, but not static targets
  9. Describe the VF associated with the below locations.
    Anterior chiasm lesion
    Mid chiasm lesion
    Posterior chiasm lesion
    • Anterior chiasm lesion- 1 optic nerve with chiasm cause a juctional scotoma- central vf and superior temporal vf defect due to Wilibrand knee
    • Mid chiasm lesion- absolute bitemporal hemianopia
    • Posterior chiasm lesion-central bitemporal hemianopia
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