Constitutional Sections

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  1. S106, S107, S108
    • Protection on the states' rights
    • Prohibits the Commonwealth from interfering with state legislation and residual powers
  2. S51 (vi)
    • Exclusive power
    • Naval and military
  3. S51 (xii)
    • Exclusive power
    • Coining money
  4. S114
    • The states shall not raise naval or miliary forces
    • Makes S51(vi) exclusive to the Commonwealth
  5. S115
    • The states shall not coin money
    • Makes S51(xii) an exclusive power
  6. Concurrent powers
    • S51(i) Trade
    • S51(ii) Taxation
    • S51(iii) Marriage
  7. S51(31)
    The right to receive just terms with property is acquires by the Commonwealth
  8. S80
    The right to trial by jury for indictable Commonwealth offences
  9. S92
    Trade between states shall be free
  10. S116
    • Freedom of religion
    • The Commonwealth cannot:
    • - establish a state religion
    • - prevent people from practising their religion
    • - require a religious test to hold a Commonwealth office
  11. S117
    • No discrimination on the basis of state
    • - can be limited to prevent people from claiming welfare payments from several states around the country
  12. S51(37)
    Commonwealth has the power to legislate on any areas of law referred to it by the states
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