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  1. staphylococcus aureus
    broad spectrum disease in any tissue as an abscess formation
  2. staphylococcus aureus increased infection in
    implants have an increased chance of being inv=fected biofilms
  3. staphylococcus aureus colonization and invasion
    30percent colonization in nares and invasion thru healthy nasal mucosa or skin
  4. s.aureus use what
    toxins and enzymes
  5. how does enzymes help s.aureus spread?
    • coagulase-fibrin clot:
    • hyaluronidase-disolves tissue cement staphlokinase-disolves clots lipase-colonize oily areas of skin digesting lipids
  6. toxins of s.aureus are what?
    • leukocidin-kills leukocytes panton valentine leukocidin-destroys alveoli
    • hemolysins-kills many cells including rbcs
    • scalded skin syndrome toxin: exfoliate
    • toxic shock syndrom toxin:multi organ system failure enterotoxin: emetic toxin
    • golden pigment: inhibits superoxide radicals in neutophil traps
    • staplococcal protein a: inactivates igG
  7. s.aureus diseases
    tss,respritory infections,would infection,imperigo,focal skin infections(carbuncle,furuncle(boil),cellilitis),endocarditis,food poisoning
  8. s.aureus transmission
    person to person
  9. s.aureus unique characteristics
    can be nosocomial and community pathogen and drug resistant
  10. treatment for s.aureus
    • skin infections:drain wound or debride
    • antibiotic;sensitivity tests
    • mrsa use;vancomycin,linezolid,daptomycin,other
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