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  1. うる
    to sell
  2. ショコラショコラ
    chocolat-chocolat (fictitious product name)
  3. なごや
    Nagoya (city in central Japan)
  4. すむ
    to live
  5. もうしわけございません
    I'm sorry to have to tell you this (politer way of saying すみません)
  6. たいへん
    very much, extremely (politer way of saying とても)
  7. つとめる
    to be employed
  8. しる
    to know
  9. いとう
    Ito (surname)
  10. JBP ジャパン
    JBP Japan (ficticious company name)
  11. あんどう
    Ando (surname)
  12. しながわ
    Shinagawa (district in Tokyo)
  13. そして
    • and
    • note: unlike と, which connecs words, そしてconnects sentences
  14. レストランとうきょう
    Restaurant Tokyo (fictitious restaurant name)
  15. ふじコンピューター
    Fuji Computer (fictitious company name)
  16. でんきや
    electronics store
  17. メープルシロップ
    maple syrup
  18. こじま
    Kojima (surname)
  19. やました
    Yamashita (surname)
  20. こばやし
    Kobayashi (surname)
  21. ホンコンししゃ
    Hong Kong branch office
  22. ワン
    Wang (surname)
  23. すしまさ
    Sushimasa (fictitious sushi bar)
  24. さあ
    let me see
  25. さあ、わかりません
    • i don't know
    • note: the さあhere expresses the speaker's hesitation about immediately answering, "i don't know"
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