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  1. Why is lifting important in forming clouds and rain?
    "Because the air is forced to rise as wind blows into the windward slops
  2. "Explain orographic lifting. What is meant by windward
  3. How does orographic lifting affect Hawai'i?
    It produces 3x more rain in Hawaii.
  4. Explain convergence.
    When winds moves from opposite directions and then move upwards.
  5. Why is the ITCZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone) so rainy?
    Because of the lifting come convergence.
  6. Explain convection and describe conditions that favor it.
    Convenction is when air rises from a warm spot lifting the air up from there. The air is cooled around it back into the warmspot on the ground.
  7. Describe cold fronts and the weather changes they cause.
    "Cold fronts form when a cold air mass
  8. Describe warm fronts and the weather changes they cause.
    "Warm fronts are generally much less intense than cold fronts and occur where a warm air mass (cT or mT) gradually pushes back a higher density cold air mass. ""Today expect mild conditions
  9. Distinguish between cyclones and anticyclones.
    "cyclone just means ""low pressure system
  10. What are the characteristics of midlatitude cyclones?
    "Midlatitude cyclones can produce fast weather changes and cloudy
  11. Explain the relationship between midlatitude cyclones and fronts.
    "the cold air moves equatorward into warmer air masses
  12. Which direction do midlatitude cyclones move?
    " The entire system of Low pressure
  13. "Distinguish between tropical cyclones
  14. What are the requirements for hurricane formation and growth?
    They need to form over warm water with a unstable atmosphere and a lack of shear (wind speed and direction must be equal at all altitude).
  15. How is eye pressure related to hurricane strength?
    "The lower the eye pressure
  16. Why do hurricanes seldom affect Hawai'i?
    "We have a lot of ""shear"" in Hawaii."
  17. Why to the clouds swirl in opposite directions at the surface and upper atmosphere in hurricanes?
    as rising air vents at high altitudes and spirals away from the storm center.
  18. How do hurricanes cause damage?
  19. Which part of the hurricane has the highest wind speeds?
    "In the Northern Hemisphere
  20. What is a typhoon?
    Hurricane in the west pacific
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