Ear and Eye

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  1. accommodation
    normal adjustment of the eye to focus on objects from far to near
  2. aqueous humor
    fluid produced by the ciliary body and its the fluid in front of the lens
  3. biconvex
    consisting of 2 surfaces that are rounded, elevated, and curved evenly. ex lens of the eye
  4. choroid
    middle, vascular layer of the eye, between the retina and sclera
  5. conjunctiva
    delicate membrane lining the undersurface of the eyelids and covering the anterior eyeball
  6. cornea
    fibrous transparent layer of clear tissue that extends over the anterior portion of the eyeball
  7. fundus
    posterior, inner part of the eye
  8. iris
    colored layer that opens and closes to allow more or less light into the eye
  9. lens
    transparent biconvex body behind pupil of the eye
  10. macula
    yellowish region on the retina lateral to and slightly below the optic disc
  11. optic nerve
    cranial nerve carrying impulses from the retina to the brain
  12. pupil
    central opening of the eye
  13. refraction
    bending of light rays by the cornea, lens and fluids of the eye to bring the rays into focus on the retina
  14. retina
    light-sensitive nerve cell layer of the eye
  15. sclera
    tough, white outer coat of the eyeball
  16. vitreous humor
    soft, jelly-like material behind the lens
  17. blepharitis
    inflammed eyelid
  18. blepharoptosis
    drooping of the eyelid
  19. conjuctivitis
    inflammed conjunctiva
  20. corneal
    pertaining to the cornea
  21. dacryoadenitis
    inflammated tear gland
  22. iritis
    inflammated iris
  23. iridectomy
    a portion of the iris is removed to improve drainage of aqueous humor or to extract a foreign body
  24. keratitis
    inflammated cornea
  25. lacrimal
    pertaining to tears
  26. lacrimation
    the production, secretion and shedding of tears
  27. intraocular
    in the eye
  28. opthalmologist
    a medical doctor who specializes in treating disorders of the eye
  29. optometrist
    nonmedical professional who can examine eyes to determine vision problems and prescribe lenses
  30. optician
    a person qualified to make and supply eyeglasses contact lenses for correction of vision
  31. retinitis
    inflammed retina
  32. retinopathy
    disease of the retina
  33. scleritis
    inflammed sclera
  34. amblyopia
    Impaired or dim vision without obvious defect or change in the eye.
  35. diplopia
    double vision
  36. nyctalopia
    night blindness
  37. photophobia
    sensitivity to light
  38. presbyopia
    impairment of vision as a result of old age
  39. xerophthalmia
    dry eyes
  40. esotropia
    inward turning of an eye
  41. astigmatism
    defective curvature of the cornea or lens of the eye
  42. hyperopia
  43. myopia
  44. cataract
    clouding of the lens
  45. diabetic retinopathy
    microaneursyms, hemorrhages
  46. glaucoma
    increased pressure in the eye results in damage to the retina and optic nerve with loss of vision
  47. macular degeneration
    progessive damage to the macula of the retina
  48. retinal detachment
    2 layers of the retina separate from each other
  49. strabismus
    abnormal deviation of the eye
  50. ophthalmoscopy
    visual examination of eye
  51. visual acuity
    assess clarity of vision
  52. enucleration
    removal of entire eyeball
  53. keratoplasty
    repair of cornea
  54. vitrectomy
    removal of vitreous and replace with a clear solution
  55. auditory canal
    channel that leads from the pinna to the eardrum
  56. auditory tube
    channel between the middle ear and the nasopharynx (Eustachian tube)
  57. auricle
    flap of the ear, the protuding part of the external ear
  58. cerumen
  59. Eustachian tube
    auditory tube
  60. ossicle
    small bone of the ear
  61. pinna
    auricle, flap of the ear
  62. tympanic membrane
    membrane between the outer and middle ear , also called the eardrum
  63. audiometer
    an instrument used to measurement the sensivity of hearing
  64. audiogram
    a graphic record produced by audiometry
  65. aural
    relating to the ear or the sense of hearing
  66. mastoiditis
    inflammed mastoid process
  67. myringotomy
    incision to the eardrum
  68. otomycosis
    fungal ear infection
  69. otopyorrhea
    pus discharge from the ear
  70. otolaryngologist
    a specialist in the disorders of the ear, nose or throat
  71. salpingopharyngeal
    pertaining to auditory tube and pharynx
  72. tympanoplasty
    reconstruction of the bones of the middle ear
  73. presbycusis
    age-related hearing loss
  74. Meniere disease
    disorder of cochlea
  75. otitis media
    inflammation of the middle ear
  76. otosclerosis
    hardening of the bony tissue of the middle ear
  77. tinnitus
    ringing of the ears
  78. vertigo
    sensation of whirling motion
  79. syncope
    temporary loss of consciousness caused by fall in blood pressure
  80. audiometry
    measure hearing loss
  81. otoscopy
    visual exam of ear and eardrum
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