AP Psych

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  1. Culture
    • the endureing behaviors, ideas, attitudes, valuse, and traditions shared by a group pf ppl transmitted from one generation to the next
    • human anture seems designed for culture
    • out cultures allows us to divide work and increse the quality of life
  2. Norms
    • an understood rule for accepted and expected behavior. norms perscribe "proper" behavior
    • like men holding hands in europe as opposed to america
  3. individualism
    • giving priority to one's own goals over group goals and defining one's identity in terms of personal atributes rather than group identifications
    • prioritizing independant self
    • easier to migrate from group to group
  4. personal space
    • the buffer zone we like to keep around our bodies
    • americans and brits have larger zones than the arabs or the french
  5. collectivism
    • giving priority to the goals of one's group (often family or work group) and defining one's identity accordingly
    • provides sense of belonging and security
    • more easily embarrassed
    • deeper stable attachments
    • interdependant
  6. Agression
    • psysical/verbal behavior meant to hurt someone
    • more males are murderers
  7. X chromosome
    • the sex chromosome found in both genders, males have one females have two
    • an x from bothe parents makes a girl, and a y from the father makes a boy
  8. Y chromosome
    • the sex chromosome found only in males. when paired with an X from the mother, it produces a boy
    • the father can supply either an X or a Y
  9. Testostorone
    • the most important of the male sex hormones. both genders have this but the additional testosterone in males stimulates growth of the male sex organs in the fetus and development of male sex characteristics during puberty
    • fetuses are originally females
  10. Role
    • a set of norms about a social position, defining ho those in said position aught to behave
    • a set of expectations
  11. Gender role
    • a set of expectations for males and females
    • hunter/gatherer
    • birthgiver
  12. Gender identity
    • one's sense of being male or female
    • not always strong
  13. Gender typed
    • the aquisition of traditionally masculine or femenine roles
    • some ppl are distinctly masc or fem
  14. Social Learning Theory
    • the theory that we learn social behavior by observing and imitating and being rewarded or punished
    • "big boys don't cry, alex"
  15. Gender Schema Theory
    • the theory that children learn from their cultures a concept of what it means to be a male or female and that they adjust their behavior accordingly
    • gender can become a lens through which you view the world
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