14.7 surgical procedures, laboratory tests and procedures

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  1. craniotomy
    surgical opening of skull
  2. disk fenestration
    removal of intervertebral disk material by perforation and curettage of intervertebral disk space
  3. laminectomy
    prodecure in which portion of vertebral arch is removed to relieve signs caused by ruptured intervertebral disk
  4. neuronastomosis
    anastomosis or connection between nerves
  5. stereotactic surgery
    production of sharply localized lesions in brain after precise localization of target tissue by use of three-dimensional coordinates
  6. brain scan
    scanner is used in conjunction with intravenous injection of radioactive substance, which circulates to brain, concentrating in areas of abnormality, to diagnose lesions, tumors and areas of necrosis
  7. cerebral angiography
    using contrast medium injected into carotid, brachial, subclavian, or femoral arteries, series of X rays is taken to visualize blood vessels of brain
  8. cerebrospinal fluid tap
    examination for presence of abnormal or excessive cell count, protein content, or pressure; obtained via cisterna magna or lumbar puncture
  9. computed tomography
    use of thin beam of X rays to derive cross-sectional images (tomograms) of head, which are put together and analyzed to form picture on computer screen that shows tumors, tissue atrophy, and other anatomic abnormalities; more effective tool for diagnosis that ordinary X Ray (also called computed axial tomography or CAT scan)
  10. electroencephalograph (EEG)
    a machine used to reveal patterns of electrical activity of brain in form of brain waves; aids in diagnosing epilepsy, tumors and other abnormalities reflected in electical activity
  11. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    noninvasive method of scanning body using electromagnetic field and radio waves; provides visual images on computer screen and magnetic tape recordings
  12. myelography
    X ray of spinal cord and subarachnoid space, using contrast medium to identify spinal lesions caused by disease or trauma
  13. vitamin B tests
    group of tests done on blood and urine to detect vitamin deficiency, which relates to nervous system problems
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