Chapter 12 (References)

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  1. Is used to compare medications in the same therapeutic class
    Drug Facts and Comparisons (DFC)
  2. used to research foreign drugs
    Martindale, The Complete Drug Reference
  3. used in investigating off-label medication
    AHFS Drug Information
  4. it includes information on preparation, storage, administration, compatibility, and stabilitity of injectable drugs
    Handbook on Injectable Drugs
  5. It provides the latest pricing information, including nationally-recognized AWP's and suggested retail prices for OTC products
    Red Book: Pharmacy's Fundamental Reference
  6. This reference provides information on injectable drug compatibility and stability, updated quarterly
    King's Guide to Parenteral Admixtures
  7. Use this reference to find trade and generic names
    American Drug Index
  8. use when information on chemical attributes of drugs is needed
    The Merch Index
  9. the information is similar to pharmaceutical manufacturer's drug package inserts
    Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR)
  10. use to prepare for regulatory surveys and to comly with standards of practive regarding compounding sterile and non-sterile preparations
    USP Pharmacist's Pharmacopeia Product Information
  11. use this to determine the therapeutic equivalence of a brand and generic drug
    Orange Book
  12. Is the most comprehensive work in the pharmaceutical sciences, covers all aspects of pharmacy.
    Remington, The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
  13. Provides a quick access to OTC drug information for patient counseling
    Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs
  14. contains short abstracts from journal articles. It provides info on clinical trials and profiles on products recently granted New Drug Application
    The Medical Letter on Drugs and Therapeutics
  15. reports on important requlatory issues, business and finance, as well as research and developement and new products
    The Pink Sheet
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