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  1. What are strategies for comprehending or understanding the information?
    • 1. Asking you teacher
    • 2. Asking you study partner or study group to help.
    • 3. Find easier material on the same subject such as middle or elementary school books or the commercial Books for Dummies.
    • 4. You can put the information into a visual format such as a concept map.
  2. What are several characteristics of effective input and storage?
    • 1. Selecting the appropriate information to store.
    • 2. In reading:use the material highlighted
    • 3. In note taking: use the material written down
  3. What are some ways we can Aquire information?
    • Sensation: taking in information through one or more of the five senses.
    • Reasoning: the mental process of reasoning or using logic. We can us our brains to think inductively or deductively.
    • Intuition: “the sixth sense.” It’s a sort of combination of a mental and physical awareness.
  4. What are additional techniques for remembereing long term memories?
    • Clustering: Group info into meaningful units
    • Store information with your learning style
    • connecting information to something outside of class.
    • Mnemonics: acronyms, jingles, or rhymes information easier to remember.
  5. What are Important Principals to remembering?
    • Repetition.
    • Distributed practice: Reviewing soon and often
  6. Forgetting/Information overload
    • Interference: separate the times you study two similar subjects
    • Reactive interference relates to emotion
    • Interactive interference: first and last items on the list, but harder to remember the mush middle.
  7. What is PR4?
    • Preview
    • Read
    • Review
    • wRite/Record
    • Recite
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