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  1. An instrument used for final enlargement of the pulpal canal in endodontics is the
    hedstrom file
  2. During endodontic treatment, the pulpal canals are irrigated with:
    Sodium Hypochlorite diluted with water
  3. Following irrigation, the canals are dried with:
    paper points
  4. During electronic pulp testing, the tip is never placed on:
    • Metal restorations
    • the gingiva
  5. After placing the dental dam on a tooth to receive pulp therapy, you would disinfect the dental dam with:
    iodine solution
  6. A surgical procedure in which the root canal is filled from the apex is an
  7. The prepared canals are filled with
    gutta percha
  8. Endodontic treatment is not recommended when the
    • Diagnosis is reversible pulpitis
    • Patient has a medical condition that precludes any dental treatment
    • Tooth has severe periodontal involvement
  9. During endodontic treatment, local anesthesia may:
    • Be difficult to obtain in the presence of infection
    • be used selectively as a diagnostic test
    • not be required when the tooth is nonvital
  10. During pulp testing, if the suspected tooth is the maxillary right first premolar, the control tooth should be:
    maxillary left first premolar
  11. A "blank" is football shaped and is used in a low-speed handpiece.
    Gates Glidden bur
  12. A "blank" is double-ended and is used to remove excess gutta percha from the crown.
    Glick #1
  13. A general dentist "blank" legally able to perform endodontic treatment,
  14. The standard of care established by the American Dental Association(ADA) for endodontic treatment requires the use of "blank" during endodontic treatment.
    dental dam
  15. An inaccurate canal measurement may result in:
    • overfilling of the canal
    • Perforation of the apex
    • Underfilling of the canal
  16. Following endodontic treatment, the patient will be reffered to a "blank" for placement of the final restoration.
    general dentist
  17. A "blank" is the surgical removal of the apical portion of the root.
  18. "blank" have tiny fishhook-like barbs along the shaft and are used to remove the bulk of the pulpal tissue.
  19. "blank" are used in the low-speed handpiece to place sealer and cements into the canals.
    Lentulo spirals
  20. Removal of the conronal portion of the dental pulp is performed by a technique called:
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