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  1. Mental disorder are classified as either ___________ or _____________.
    organic or functional
  2. T/F
    54 million people (20% of US pop) have a mental disorder but only 8 million of them seek treatment.
  3. T/F
    Of the 20% of children and adolescents who suffer from mental health problems, only 1/3 receive the help they need.
  4. Why don't people seek treatment for mental disorders like they do for physical disorders?
    • ashamed or embarassed or
    • because of the stigma associated with it or
    • because of misconceptions or stereotypes
  5. Stigma
    Negative label or mark of shame
  6. Y/N
    Do mental illnesses require treatment as much as physical illnesses?
  7. Which disorder is caused by a physical illness or an injury that affects the brain (brain tumors, exposure to drugs, injuries to the brain)?

    organic or functional
  8. Which disorder has a psychological cause (heredity, stress, fear, ineffective coping skills) and does not involve brain damage.

    organic or functional
    functional disorder
  9. What are the four anxiety disorders?

    clue: popp
    • phobias
    • obsessive-compulsive disorders
    • panic disorders
    • post-traumatic stress disorders
  10. Phobia
    • Strong and irrational fear of something specific, such as high places or dogs.
    • People try to avoid the object of their fear.
  11. agoraphobia
    fear of open or public places
  12. obsessive-compulsive disorder

    give an example
    trapped in a pattern of repeated thoughts or behaviors.

    repeatedly washing hands
  13. obsessive
    persistent, recurrent, and unwanted thoughts
  14. compulsive
    repeated irresistible behaviors
  15. panic disorder
    sudden, unexplained feelings of terror
  16. Symptoms of a panic disorder
    trembling, pounding heart, shortness of breath, or dizziness
  17. Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.
    flashbacks, nightmares, emotional numbness, sleeplessness, guilt and problems with concentration
  18. What type of depression leads to a fealing of sadness, hopelessness, or despair that lasts for more than a few weeks and interferes with daily interests and activies. It is a chemical imbalance that requires professional help.
    clinical depression
  19. bipolar disorder
    (manic-depressive disorder)

    clue: think of the two (bi) poles
    EXTREME (high to low) mood changes, energy levels, and behavior.
  20. Anorexia and bulimia are example of which disorder?

    anorexia (don't eat)
    bulimia (eat then purge)
    eating disorders
  21. Give examples of conduct disorder.

    clue: CJ
    lying, theft, aggression, violence, truancy, arson, and vandalism.

    More common among males.

    Act tough but have low self-esteem.
  22. Which disorder does the person
    lose contact with reality.
  23. Describe schizophreia.
    delusions, hallucinations, & thought disorders

    Can't see the difference between real and imaginary events.
  24. personality
    Individual's unique traits and behavior patterns.
  25. Personality disorder
    • This person thinks and behaves in a way that makes it
    • difficult for him/her to get along
    • with others.
  26. List the three personality disorders:
    • antisocial
    • borderline
    • passive-aggressive
  27. antisocial personality disorder
    • Person is
    • irritable,
    • aggressive,
    • impulsive, and
    • violent and

    don't show remore for their behavior.
  28. borderline personality disorder
    • Have troubled relationships,
    • engage in high-risk activities,
    • have poor self-esteem.
    • fear-abandonment but lash out at those they need.
  29. passive-aggressive personality disorder
    • Uncooperative,
    • resent being told what to do
    • (yet rely on others),
    • show anger indirectly
    • (don't show up or arrive late to
    • an event they don't want to go to)
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