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  1. anthropology
    science dealing with th origin of races, customs, and beliefs of humankind.
  2. ecology
    science dealing with the relation of living things to their environment
  3. ethnology
    branch of anthropology dealing with human races, their origin, distribution, culture, etc
  4. genealogy
    account of the descent of a person or family from an ancestor
  5. geology
    science dealing with the earth's history as recorded in rocks
  6. meteorology
    science dealing with the atmosphere and weather
  7. morphology
    • 1. sciencetific study of the forms and structures of plants and animals
    • 2. form and structure of an organism
  8. necrology
    list of persons who have died recently; orbituary
  9. neurology
    scientific study of the nervous system and its diseases
  10. paleontology
    science dealing with the life in the remote past as recorded in fossils
  11. pathology
    • 1. science dealing with the nature and causes of diseases
    • 2. something abnormal
  12. petrology
    scientific study of rocks
  13. physiology
    science dealing with the functions of living things or their organs
  14. sociology
    study of the evolution, development, and functioning of human society
  15. technology
    use of science to achieve a practical purpose; applied science; engineering
  16. theology
    study of religion and religious ideas
  17. abiogenesis
    spontaneous generation (development of life from lifeless matter)
  18. amphibious
    • 1. able to live both on land and in water
    • 2. attacking with coordinated land, sea, and air forces
  19. antibiotic
    germ-killing substance produced by or derived from a microorganism
  20. biochemistry
    chemistry dealing with chemical compounds and processes in living plants and animals
  21. biocidal
    destructive to life or living things
  22. biodegradable
    capable of being readily decomposed into harmless substances by microorganisms
  23. biogenesis
    development of life from preexisting life
  24. biometry
    statistical analysis of biological data
  25. biopsy
    diagnostic examination of a piece of tissue from the living body
  26. biota
    plants and animals living in a region
  27. microbe
    microscopic life form; microorganism; germ
  28. symbiosis
    living together in mutually helpful association of two dissimilar organisms
  29. anatomy
    • 1. dissection of plants, animals, or other things to study their structure; analysis
    • 2. structure
  30. appendectomy
    surgical removal of the appendex
  31. atom
    smallest particle of an element
  32. atomizer
    device for converting a liquid to a fine spray
  33. dichotomy
    cutting or division into two; division
  34. gastrectomy
    surgical removal of part or all of the stomach
  35. lobotamy
    brain surgery for treatment of certain mental disorders
  36. mastectomy
    surgicial removal of a breast
  37. phlebotomy
    opening of a vein to dminish the blood supply
  38. tome
    one volume or "cut" of a work of serveral volumes; scholarly book
  39. tonsillectomy
    surgerial removal of the tonsils
  40. tracheotomy
    surgical operation of cutting into the trachea
  41. antipodes
    parts of the globe diametrically opposite to each other
  42. anthropod
    invertebrate with jointed legs; e.g: insects
  43. chiropodist
    one who treats ailments of the human foot
  44. dipody
    verse consisting of two feet; a diameter
  45. podiatrist
  46. podium
    • 1. dais; raised platform
    • 2. low wall serving as a foundation
  47. pseudopod
    temporary extension of the protoplasm, as in the amoeba, to enable the organism to move and take in food
  48. tripod
    utensil, stool, or caldron having three legs
  49. unipod
    one legged support
  50. homochromatic
  51. heterochromatic
    different colors
  52. homogeneous
    of the same kind; similar; uniform
  53. heterogeneous
    differing in kind; dissimilar; varied
  54. homology
    similarity in structure
  55. heterology
    dissimilarity in structure
  56. homomorphic
    exhibiting similiarty of form
  57. heteromorphic
    exhibiting diversity of form
  58. homonym
    word that sounds like another but differs in meaing and spelling
  59. heteronym
    word spelled like another, but differing in sound and meaning
  60. homocentric
    having the same center; concentric
  61. homophonic
    having the same sound or voice
  62. heteroclite (adj)
    deviating from the common rule; abnormla; atypical
  63. heteroclite (n)
    person or thing deviating from the common rule
  64. heterodox
    opposed to accepted beliefs or established doctrines, especially in the religion; unorthodox
  65. hyperacidity
    excessive acidity
  66. hypoacidity
    weak acidity
  67. hyperglycemia
    excess of sugar in the blood
  68. hypoglycemia
    abnormally low blood sugar
  69. hypertension
    high blood pressure
  70. hypotension
    low blood pressure
  71. hyperthermia
    high fever; hyperpyrexia
  72. hypothermia
    subnormal body temperature
  73. hyperthyroid
    excessive activity of thyroid gland
  74. hypothyroid
    deficient activity of thyroid gland
  75. hyperactive
  76. hyperbole
    extravagent exaggeration of statement
  77. hypercritical
  78. hyperemia
    superabundance of blood
  79. hyperopia
  80. hypersensitive
    excessively sensitive; supersensitive
  81. hypertrophy
    excessive growth or development, as of a body part
  82. hypodermic
    injected under the skin
  83. hypothesis
    theory or supposition assumed as a basis for reasoning
  84. hypothetical
    assumed without proof for the purpose of reasoning; conjectural
  85. endocrine
    secreting internally
  86. exocrine
    secreting externally
  87. endogamy
    marriage within the tribe, caste, or social group
  88. exogamy
    marriage outside the tribe, caste, or social group
  89. endogenous
    produced from within; due to internal causes
  90. exogenous
    produced from without; due to external causes
  91. endoskeleton
    internal skeleton or supporting framework
  92. exoskeleton
    hard protective structure outside of body
  93. endosmosis
    osmosis inward
  94. exosmosis
    osmosis outward
  95. endocarditis
    inflammation of the lining of the heart
  96. endoderm
    membranelike tissue lining the digestive tract
  97. endoparasite
    parasite living on the inside of host
  98. endophyte
    plant growing within another plant
  99. exoteric
    known externally; readily understandable
  100. exotic
    • 1. introduced from another country; foreign
    • 2. strikingly unusual; strange
  101. anarchy
    total absence of rule or government; confusion; disorder
  102. autarchy
    rule by an absolute sovereign
  103. hierarchy
    body of rulers or officials grouped in ranks, each being subordinate to the rank above it; pecking order
  104. matriarchy
    form of social organization in which the mother rules the family or tribe, descent being traced through th emother
  105. monarchy
    state ruled over by a single person, as a king or queen
  106. oligarchy
    form of government in which a few people have the power
  107. patriarchy
    form of social organization in which the father rules the family or tribe; descent being traced through the father
  108. geocentric
    measured from the earth's center; having the earth as a center
  109. geodetic
    pertaining to geodesy(math dealing with the earth's shape and dimensions)
  110. geography
    study of the earth's surface, climate, continents, people, products, etc.
  111. geology
    science dealing with the earth's history as recorded in rocks
  112. geometry
    mathematics dealing with the lines, angles, surfaces, and solids
  113. geomorphic
    pertaining to the shape of the earth or the form of its surface
  114. geophysics
    science treating of the forces that modify the earth
  115. geopolitics
    study of government and its policies as affected by physical geography
  116. geoponics
    art or science of agriculture
  117. georgic (adj)
  118. georgic (n)
    poem on husbandry (farming)
  119. geotropism
    response to earth's gravity, as the growing of roots downward in the ground
  120. apogee
    farthest point from the earth in the orbit of a heavenly body
  121. antipathy
    aversion; dislike
  122. apathy
    lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or excitement, indifference
  123. empathy
    complete understanding of another's feelings, motives, etc.
  124. pathetic
    arousing pity
  125. pathos
    quality in drama, speech, literature, music, or events that arouses a feeling of pity or sadness
  126. sympathy
    sharing of another's trouble; compassion
  127. telepathy
    transference of the thoughts and feelings of one person to another by no apparaent means of communication
  128. homeopathy
    treatment of disease with minute doses of a remedy that, if given in massive doses to healthy persons, would produce effects like those of the disease
  129. osteopath
    practitioner of osteopathy (treatment of diseases by manipulation of bones, muscles, nerves)
  130. pathogenic
    causing disease
  131. pathological
    due to disease
  132. psychopathic
    • 1. pertaining to mental disease
    • 2. insane
  133. amorphous
    having no definite form; shapeless; unorganized
  134. anthropomorphic
    attributing human form or characteristics to beings not human, especially gods
  135. dimorphous
    occurring under 2 distinct forms
  136. endomorphic
    having a form deriving largely from the embryo's inner layer;having a heavy body build
  137. heteromorphic
    exhibiting diversity of form
  138. metamorphosis
    change of form
  139. monomorphic
    having a single form
  140. morphology
    • 1. branch of biology dealing with the form and structure of animals and plants
    • 2. form and structure of an organism or any of its parts
  141. pericardium
    membranous sac enclosing the heart
  142. perigree
    nearest point to the earth in the orbit of a heavenly body
  143. perihelion
    nearest point to the sun in the orbit of a heavenly body
  144. perimeter
    whole outer boundary or measurement of a surface or figure
  145. periodontics
    branch of dentistry dealing iwth diseases of the bone and gum tissues supporting the teeth
  146. peripatetic
    traveling about; itinerant
  147. peripheral (adj)
    • 1. on the periphery; outside or away from the central part, as in peripheral vision
    • 2. only slightly connected with what is essential; merely incidental
  148. peripheral (n)
    device that can be attached to or used with a computer, such as a keyboard, monitor, printer, or scanner
  149. periphrastic
    expressed in a roundabout way; circumlocutory
  150. periscope
    instrument permitting those in a submarine a view
  151. peristalsis
    wavelike contraction of the walls of the intestines, which propels contents onward
  152. peristyle
    • 1. row columns around a building or court
    • 2. the space so enclosed
  153. peritonitis
    inflammation of the peritoneum
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