Chapter 54

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  1. Abscess
    a localized accumulation of pus in a cavity formed by tissue disintegration
  2. Acute
    pertaining to a traumatic, pathologic or physiologic occurence or process that has a short and relatively severe course
  3. Apical Currettage
    surgical removal of infectious material surrounding the apex of the root
  4. Apioectomy
    surgical removal of the apical portion of the root through a surgical opening made in the overlying bone and gingival tissues
  5. Chronic
    pertaining to disease symptoms that persist over a long time
  6. Control Tooth
    • healthy tooth used as a standard to compare questionable teeth of similar size and structure during pulp vitality testing
    • (ex: same type, opposite quadrant)
  7. Debridement
    to remove or clean out the pulpal canal
  8. Direct Pulp Cap
    application of dental material with an exposed or nearly exposed dental pulp
  9. Endodontist
    a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp and the periradicular tissues
  10. Gutta Percha
    plastic type of filling material used in endodontics
  11. Hemisection
    surgical separation of a multirooted tooth through the furcation area
  12. The dental material most commonly preferred for pulp capping is?
    Calciem Hydroxide
  13. Tooth #5 is being tested for possible root canal therapy. What tooth would be used as a control tooth?
    tooth #12
  14. What type of file is best suited for canal enlargement?
  15. The material most commonly used for obturation of a canal is?
  16. What portion of the pulp would the dentist remove in a pulpotomy?
    coronal portion
  17. What is the surgical procedure that involves the removal of the apex of a root?
  18. The irrigation material most commonly used during root canal therapy is?
    sodium hypochlorite ( household bleach)
  19. Pain Management Post Op Instructions:
    take advil/tylenol, avoid chewing until numbness goes away or on the opposite side of treatment
  20. Diet Post Op Instructions:
    no chewing gum, or anything hard. chew on opposite side of treatment if painful
  21. Oral Care Post Op Instructions:
    brush and floss normally, rinse with warm salt water (1tsp to 1 glass of water)
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