Chapter 56

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  1. How long should a pressure pack remain on the surgical site to control bleeding?
    30-45 minutes
  2. What does the periosteal elevator reflect and retract?
  3. What is the cause of dry socket?
    the blood clot not forming or dislodging from the socket
  4. How is dry socket treated?
    with guaze dipped in a sedative and folded into the socket; changed every 24 hours
  5. What surgical procedure involves the shaping and reduction of the alveolar ridge?
  6. What analgesic may be prescribed for swelling?
  7. Pain Management Post Op Instructions:
    take ibuprofen for intended length of time, avoid chewing on extraction site, relax for the rest of the day
  8. Diet Post Op Instructions:
    soft, room temperature foods. nothing hot, chewy, spicy, or hard-after 24 hours or when comfortable eat normal
  9. Oral Care Post Op Instructions:
    do not brush or floss around the area for the first 24 hours. rinse with salt water mixture (1tsp to 1 glass of water)
  10. Control of Swelling Post Op Instructions:
    for the first 24 hrs use a cold pack 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off; use a heat pack after the first 24 hours to stimulate blood flow and promote healing
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