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  1. Sulfonurea and Meglitinide
    • sulfonurea= gyburide
    • -hypoglycemia, hepatotoxicity, blood dyscrasias
    • Meglitinide= Repaglinide
    • Help body release more of its own insulin
  2. Begunide
    • Metformin
    • keep liver from making sugar thats not needed "leak"
    • lactic acidosis
    • serious infection increases risk for lactic acidosis as well as hypoxiemia
  3. TZD
    • Avandia
    • Rostigindizone
    • helps uscle cells become more sensitive "key holes"
    • contraindicated HF
    • serious adverse effect hepatotoxicity
  4. Dpp-4 inhibitor
    • Januvia
    • Sitagliptin
    • match insulin to food. don't release sugar from storage.
    • hypoglycemic when used w/ insulin or sulfonurea
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