NPM gait 2

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  1. while walking at a constant speed, these 3 things occur
    forward motion (constantly accelerating and decelerating), rise/fall of COM (5 cm of vertical displacement, most in loading), side/side motion
  2. functional tasks in Weight Acceptance
    stability, forward progression, shock absorption
  3. functional tasks in Single Limb Stability
    stability, forward progression
  4. functional tasks in Swing Limb Advancement
    foot clearance, limb advancement
  5. forward progression is aka
  6. limb advancement is aka
  7. 4 general observations to start looking at in gait
    velocity, step length/symmetry, arm swing, if pt looks stable
  8. phase and joint to start with when looking at gait
    IC, at ankle jt; then move proximal
  9. forefoot contact
    instead of landing w/ heel, land w/ forefoot due to inadequate DF
  10. foot flat contact
    whole foot lands, result of inadequate knee ext in TSW
  11. excess DF
    more DF than normal for that particular phase (eg, neutral at LR); tibia should never go past neutral for LR; due to weakness at hips and knees
  12. excess PF
    compensation for weak quads
  13. drag
    happens in ISW when lacking knee flex; won't correct w/ AFO bc not a problem at the ankle
  14. C/L vaulting
    when in swing, go up on tip toes of other leg
  15. 4 potential causes of deviations in gait
    motor control, ROM, sensation, pain
  16. motor control subgroups that cause deviations
    strength, spasticity, patterned movement, balance
  17. ROM subgroups that cause deviations
    contractures, joint fusions, ligament laxity
  18. sensation subgroup that causes deviations
  19. IC definition
    moment when the foot contacts the ground
  20. LR definition
    weight is rapidly transferred onto outstretched limb, the first period of double-limb support
  21. MST definition
    body progresses over single, stable limb
  22. TST definition
    progression over stance limb continues; body moves ahead of the limb and weight is transferred onto the forefoot
  23. PSW definition
    rapid unloading of the limb occurs as weight is transferred to the C/L limb, the 2nd period of double limb support
  24. ISW definition
    thigh begins to advance as the foot comes up off the floor
  25. MSW definition
    thigh continues to advance as knee begins to extend; the foot clears the ground
  26. TSW
    knee extends; the limb prepares to contact the ground for IC
  27. 2 phases of weight acceptance
    IC, LR
  28. 2 phases of single limb support
    MST, TST
  29. 4 phases of swing limb advancement
  30. phases and % of time in stance
    IC, LR, MST, TST, PSW; 62%
  31. phases and % of time in swing
    ISW, MSW, TSW; 38%
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