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  1. What is a violent storm that forms over the ocean?
  2. What kind of damage can hurricanes cause?
    hurricanes can send large objects flying.
  3. Waht was the purpose of lighthouses?
    They were built to warn sailors of dangers
  4. Why aren't lighthouses important today as they once were?
    B/c now a day boats have lights on them.
  5. A huge area of wetlands in southern Florida that is home to about 600 different birds and other animals is _____,
    Everglades National Park
  6. What are six major crops of the southeast?
    1. soybeans 2. peanuts 3. corn 4. rice 5. cotton 6. oranges
  7. Arkansas is a major producer of what crop?
  8. _____ is a famous colony that is called the "lost colony."
    Roanoke Island
  9. Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence?
    Thomas Jefferson
  10. _____ was the "father of the constitution."
    James Madison
  11. How did President Jefferson double the size of the United States?
    When he purchased the Louisiana territory from France
  12. What war began in 1861 and was a war between the Northern states and the Southern states in the US?
    The civil war
  13. In the Civil War, the Northern states were called the _____. The Southern states were called the ____.
    • Northern: union
    • Southern: confederacy
  14. What was one important issue that caused the Civil War?
  15. Who was the president during the civil war?
    Abraham Lincoln
  16. Who surrendered in the Civil War?
  17. Which amendment made slavery illegal in the United States?
  18. Look at states
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