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  1. Pointed or cutting instruments, including needles, scalpel blades,
    orthodontic wires, and endodontic instruments.
  2. Disease-causing organisms transferred through contact with blood or
    other body fluids.
  3. Substance for killing microorganisms on the skin.
  4. Item that comes into contact with intact skin only.
    Non-Critical Instrument
  5. Any reasonably anticipated skin, eye or muccous membrane contact or
    percutaneous injury involving blood or any other potentially infectious
    Occupational Exposure
  6. Waste that is capable of transmitting an infectious disease.
    Infectious Waste
  7. Sterilization by means of hot formaldehyde vapors under pressure.
    Chemical Vapor Sterilization
  8. An infection of short duration that is often severe.
    Acute Infection
  9. Item that comes in contact with oral tissues but does not penetrate soft
    tissue or bone
    Semi-critical Instrument
  10. Guidelines based on treating all human blood and body fluids (including
    saliva) as potentially infectious.
    Universal Precautions
  11. Chemical used to reduce or lower the number of microorganisms on
    inanimate objects.
  12. Touching or contact with a patient's blood or saliva.
    Direct Contact
  13. Item used to penetrate soft tissue or bone.
    Critical Instruments
  14. Process that kills all microorganisms.
  15. Surface disinfectant commonly known as household bleach.
    Sodium Hypochlorite
  16. Vials or strips, Also known as spore tests,that contain harmless
    bacterial spores; use to determine whether sterilization has occured.
    Biological Indicators
  17. Instrument that loosens and removes debris by sound waves traveling
    through a liquid.
    Ultrasonic Cleaner
  18. Waste that is capable of transmitting an infectious disease.
    Infectious Waste
  19. Instrument for sterilization by means of heated air.
    Dry Heat Sterilization
  20. How long a product may be stored before use.
    Shelf Life
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