Biology Lecture 19

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  1. What is a Biome?
    General vegetation groups on land.
  2. Talk about the tundra?
    This biome is energy limited. The growing season is not long enough for trees to grow
  3. What is special about the Boreal Forest?
    One of the largest biomes, covered by trees.
  4. What is special about the Temperate Deciduous Forest
    High energy and water availability during growing season
  5. What is special about the temperate Evergreen?
    • Determined by Rainfall
    • Some of the highest rainfall totals fall in this biome
  6. Explain the Grasslands
    • Arid lands are normally maintained by a balance of water and energy
    • Water is limiting such that trees can't persist
    • Grass can live cause most is underground and do their thing when water is available
    • They don't do as much as trees for defense.
  7. What is special about the Desert?
    • Determined by rainfall
    • Evapotransportation vs precipitation
  8. What is special about the Chaparral scrub?
    • Typical coastal arid regions
    • Very dry summer ( growing season )
  9. What is the Savannah?
    The savannah is a grassland with more rainfall
  10. What is special about the Tropical Rain Forest?
    • Most diverse biomes
    • Lots of rainfall and energy
  11. What are some types of aquatic biomes?
    • Marine
    • Salt Water
    • Fresh Water
    • - standing
    • - running
  12. What causes temperature variation with latitude?
    • Energy per unit area differs,
    • 5x greater at equator than poles
  13. How do the Trade winds blow?
    east to west
  14. Topography influences climates and biomes.
    • Determines location of biome
    • Big impact on vegetation seen
  15. how do soils affect biomes?
    pH, nutrients, fire
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