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  1. Register
    varieties of language used for specific purpose in specific setting
  2. jargon
    language no one else understand
  3. jargon vs slang
    slang is rebellious
  4. code switching
    switching between language varieties
  5. three principle elements that determine speech situation
    purpose topic participants
  6. three grammatical markers of legalese register
    • frequent use of passives
    • repetition of noun
    • omission of definite/indefinite articles
  7. what are the three circles of english
    • inner
    • outer
    • expanding
  8. 5 styles discussed by Joos
    • Frozen- monotone (pledge)
    • Formal- 1 way part. (lecture)
    • Consultative- 2 way partic (teacher student)
    • Casual- in group (friend)
    • Intimate- non public (BF)
  9. how are french and dutch distributed in Brussels terms of use
    dutch is intimate language french is official
  10. language planning
    conscious efforts made that aim at changing linguistic behavior
  11. language policy
    linguistic, political, social goals underlying the language planning process
  12. pidgin
    contact language, one language forms base for simple/unstable variety
  13. creole
    stable, natural language developed in contact situations
  14. registers vary according to ________________. Dialects vary according to __________________.
    • situation
    • speaker
  15. dialect
    language variety for particular region
  16. are dialects easily seperable
  17. what are the three major dialects of american english as described in early research
    nothern, midland, southern
  18. what is specil about atlas of north america?
    first to study phonetic differences instead of phonetic
  19. what triggered southern vowel shift
    I monophthongization
  20. vowel shift
    when vowels that used to be distinct become the same pin pen
  21. isogloss
    googrphical boundaiers marking regional distinction
  22. grammatical feature of af american english
    • copulation deletion
    • habitual be
    • exsistintial it
    • negative concord
  23. Chicano english features
    • sh tch are interchangeable
    • cluster simplify
    • devoice z
    • t for th
    • d for th
  24. conditioned vs unconditioned
    • unconditioned- happened everywhere cauht
    • cond- dialectical pin pen
  25. what is low back merger
    cot unconditioned
  26. language divergence
    become less alike
  27. language convergene
    more alike
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