Sociology ch9

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  1. What is Social Stratification?
    Occurs when people are ranked in a hierarchy that differentiates them as superior or inferior.
  2. What is Social Class?
    A number of people who occupy the same relative economic rank in the stratification system.
  3. What is Social Differentiation?
    The process of categorizing peoople by some personal attribute.
  4. What are the 5 stratification systems?
    • Primitive Communal
    • Slave Based
    • Caste System
    • Feudalism
    • Class Based System
  5. What is primitive communal system?
    • Largely hunting and gathering
    • ofter nomadic
    • little surplus wealth
  6. What is Slave based system?
    Economic ownership of humans
  7. What is caste system?
    Place in the stratification structure is based on prestige of segment of society into which one is born (ascribed status)
  8. What is Feudalism system?
    • placement in which stratification structure is based on land ownership extesice ascription very low rates of mobility
    • 1. aristocracy
    • 2. religous leaders
    • 3. commoners/pearnats
  9. What is Class based system?
    • private ownership of productive property
    • placement in the stratification structure is based on individual effort
    • free markets
  10. What are Systems of Social Stratification?
    Refers to the dominant values and ideologies that justifies stratification. (ex. Inequality)
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