Pulse Qualities

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  1. Superficial/floating pulse generally means
    External problem
  2. XS type Superficial/floating pulse means
    OPI invasion
  3. DEF type Superficial/floating pulse means
    Floating Yang, general deficiency
  4. Deep/sinking pulse generally means
    Internal problem
  5. XS type Deep/sinking pulse means
    Internal cold, Qi or Blood stagnation
  6. DEF type Deep/sinking pulse means
    Qi a/o Blood deficiency
  7. Fast/rapid pulse generally means
    Heat XS type
  8. Fast/rapid pulse means
    Full Heat DEF type
  9. Fast/rapid pulse means
    Any Deficiency Yang (Floating) Yin (Deep)
  10. Slow pulse generally means
    Cold XS type
  11. Slow pulse means
    Excess Cold
  12. DEF type Slow pulse means
    Yang Deficiency, Qi Deficiency in blood
  13. Empty/deficient pulse generally means
    Deficiency of Qi a/o Blood
  14. SLOW type Full/Excess pulse means
    Excess Cold & Strong Vital Qi
  15. FAST type Full/Excess pulse means
    Excess Heat & Strong Vital Qi
  16. Thin/thready pulse generally means
    Deficiency of Qi & Blood or Yin & Blood Thin/thready &
  17. STRONG pulse means
    Damp/ Phlegm obstruction of Qi & Blood Pain/ Cold Attack
  18. Wide/big pulse generally means
    Excess (Strong Patho)/ Deficiency
  19. EMPTY Wide/big pulse means
    Deficiency of Qi (SP) a/o Blood
  20. DISTINCT Wide/big pulse means
    Excess Heat in Yang Ming (ST/LI), pulse is rapid too
  21. Slippery/rolling pulse generally means
  22. Slippery/rolling pulse specifically means
    Phlegm/Excess Damp Food Stagnation Pregnancy Phlegm/ Fluid Retention
  23. Wiry pulse generally means
    Stagnation (Qi)
  24. Wiry pulse specifically means
    LV/GB disorder (Yang rising, Qi Stag) Pain/ Stagnation Food/ Phlegm/ Fluid
  25. Tight pulse generally means
  26. Tight pulse specifically means
    Excess cold Stagnation b/c Cold/Phlegm Pain (interior, Cold type)
  27. Flooding/surging pulse generally means
  28. Flooding/surging pulse specifically means
    Excess Heat injuring Fluids or Yin Imminent Qi collapse (floating) Deficiency Heat
  29. Soft/soggy pulse generally means
  30. Soft/soggy pulse specifically means
    Pathogenic Damp Any Deficiency (Blood, Essence, Yin)
  31. Weak/frail pulse generally means
  32. Weak/frail pulse specifically means
    Deficiency of Qi, Blood or Yang
  33. Difference between a soft/soggy and a weak/frail pulse is
    Depth, soft is more superficial, weak is deep
  34. Minute/ Faint pulse generally means
  35. Minute/ Faint pulse specifically means
    Severe Def. of Qi, Blood Yang Collapse
  36. Minute/ Faint pulse is felt at which level
    Any level, heavy pressure will push through it
  37. Long pulse generally means
  38. Long pulse specifically means
    Strong vitality,
  39. Tight/wiry means
    Excess (heat)
  40. Short pulse generally means
  41. XS Short pulse means
  42. DEF Short pulse means
    Qi Deficiency
  43. Irregular/intermittent pulse generally means
    Deficiency, regularly irregular (pattern of skipped beats)
  44. Irregular/intermittent pulse specifically means
    Yin organ exhaustion, HT disharmony, Shock/trauma disorder
  45. Choppy/rough/hesitant pulse generally means
    Deficiency/Stasis, irregular
  46. XS Choppy/rough/hesitant pulse means
    Qi a/o Blood Stagnation Food/ Phlegm Stag
  47. DEF Choppy/rough/hesitant pulse means
    Blood & Jing Deficiency Fluid loss after sweating/vomiting
  48. Swift/ Hasty/Abrupt/Hurried pulse generally means
    Heat agitating Qi & Blood, irregular
  49. XS Swift/ Hasty/Abrupt/Hurried pulse means
    Hyper Yang Activity Excess Heat/ Phlegm Heat
  50. DEF Swift/ Hasty/Abrupt/Hurried pulse means
    Deficiency HT Fire/ HT Qi Yin Deficiency Possible imminent collapse (Yin) Phthisis
  51. Knotted pulse generally means
    Cold (Excess Yin) irregular
  52. XS Knotted pulse means
    Obstruction of Qi & Blood b/c Cold or Cold Phlegm HT Blood Stasis
  53. DEF Knotted pulse means
    HT Qi/ Blood Deficiency Blood Deficiency
  54. Leather pulse generally means
  55. Leather pulse specifically means
    Severe KD Jing Deficiency External Cold (Wei Qi response)
  56. Firm/prison pulse generally means
    Internal Excess Cold
  57. Firm/prison pulse specifically means
    Internal Excess Cold accumulation (mass, hernia)
  58. Hollow pulse generally means
  59. Hollow pulse specifically means
    Sudden Blood loss Severe Yin Deficiency
  60. Scattered pulse generally means
  61. Scattered pulse specifically means
    Severe Qi & Blood Deficiency KD Yang floating away
  62. Hidden pulse generally means
  63. Hidden pulse specifically means
    Extreme KD Yang Deficiency L.O.C. Severe Pain/ Stagnation
  64. Moving/”Spinning Bean” pulse specifically means
  65. Moderate Pulse Means
    Sp Qi deficiency Wind/ Damp Attack
  66. SLOW Pulse Generally Means
    Cold Syndrome Internal Heat (Forceful) Abd Mass
  67. Rapid Intermittent (Running) Pulse
    Hyper Yang/ Excess Heat Blood/ Phlegm/ Qi Stagnation Rebellion
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