quiz 2 & final

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  1. who evaluates a new dental material
    the council on dental materials
  2. microleakage
    when dental material is exposed to hot or cold
  3. the four types of properties that must be considered in the applicationh of dental material are:
    retention, curing , flow and adhesion
  4. autocured
    hardens as the result of a chemical reaction of the material that are being mixed together
  5. metals that make up the alloy powder:
    silver tin copper and zinc
  6. provides strength and corroison ressistant
  7. gives it its strength
  8. for workability and strength
  9. to suppres oxidations
  10. amalgam is triturated in?
    the amalgamator
  11. a resin matrix componet of composite is a fluid like material called
  12. longer curing time for material
    thickness and size shade of the restorative material
  13. to determine the color of the composite procedure
    shade guide
  14. an alloy with one constuint being murcury
  15. hardend or set by a chemichal of two materials
    auto cured
  16. hard brittle heat corrosive resistant material such as clay
  17. achieved by injecting the anesthetic soulution directly into the tissue at the site of the dental procedure & generally used on max teeth
    infiltration anesthesia
  18. _________ handpiece supplies a water coolant because it generates frictional heat.
    high speed
  19. the use of an anethetic solution w/out a vasconstrictor is recomended wit a p.t with recent
    myocardial infarction
  20. mouth mirror is used for?
    indirect vision & light reflection, retraction & and tissue protection
  21. when performing single handed instument with right hand dentist, you pass with
    left hand
  22. most frequently used devise in restorative dentistry is the?
  23. the gauge of the needle refers to the thickness of the needle, the larger the gauge
    the thinner the needle
  24. a dental handpiece is identified as ____________ that must be sterilized before reuse.
    critical instrument
  25. viewing an object through the use of a mirror is called
  26. _________is the aea where intruments and dental material are exchanged
    transfer zone
  27. the goal of ergonomics is to help ppl to stay
    healthy while performing work more efficiently
  28. efficient way to organize instruments is
    color coding
  29. during 4 handed dentistry the operator must have:
    easy accses to oral cavity during the loading.
  30. during the loading of anethetic syringe the _______________ is loaded first
    anethetic cartridge
  31. ____________ a condition in which numbness remains after the effects of the local anesthesia should have worn off
  32. the term_____ is applied to all rotary instruments that have a sharp cutting end
  33. basic instrument grasp includes:
    pen palm and palm thumb
  34. a _________ is added to a local anethetic to slow down the intake and increase duration.
  35. time and effect of local anethetic until complete reversal of anethesia is
    induction time of anethetic agent.
  36. propholaxis angle attaches to the ________ __________ and is used to polish teeth
    low speed handpiece
  37. _____________used to place condence and carve dental materialback normal anotomy of tooth
    restorative instruments
  38. Class II restorations are found on_________________ is frequently used on mand teeth and injected near major nerve that numbs the entire area serverd by the nerve branch.
    posterior block anesthesia
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