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  1. What is the purpose of the containment spray system?
    • Limits containment pressure rise during a LOCA and MSLB
    • Reduce containment airborne radioactivity
    • Support HPSI pump operation
    • -provides subcooling post RAS
    • -boosts HPSI pressure for a fire that disables the charging pumps
  2. What effect does a SIAS have on the containment spray system?
    Enables the containment spray pumps to start on a reciept of a CHP
  3. What arms the containment spray pumps?
    • SIAS arms the spray pumps
    • DBA sequencer
  4. When would we want to close a containment spray valve with an active CHP?
    • Early securing of containment spray flow per the EOP
    • If we only had one containment spray pump running post RAS
    • -prevents runout
  5. How does CV-3001, containment spray header isolation, fail on a loss of D-11-1?
    • Fails open
    • -normal and post SIS
    • Fails closed
    • -post RAS
    • --this prevents pump runout due to CV-3030, containment sump outlet not opening
  6. What causes a RAS?
    • SIRWT level of 2% (24")
    • 1 out of 2 taken twice
  7. What happens on a RAS?
    • Opens the containment sump outlets
    • Closes the SIRWT outlets
    • Sends close signals to the SIRWT recirc valves
    • Opens CV-0826/0823 (SW to CCW to hardstops)
    • Closes CCW HX TCVs
    • Opens HPSI pump subcooling valves
    • Trips the LPSI pumps
    • Closes CV-3001 (containment spray isol) if CV-3030 does not open in 30 seconds
    • Opens CV-0945/0946 (CCW to the CCW HX)
  8. How many spray nozzles are in the containment spray system?
    • 2 100% capacity headers (approx 1500gpm per header)
    • -A
    • --77 spray nozzles
    • -B
    • --83 spray nozzles
    • Each header has 7 half rings
  9. What causes CV-3070/3071 (HPSI subcooling valves) to automatically open?
    • Auto opens on RAS if its associated HPSI pump is operating
    • CV-3070 only opens after CV-3030 (containment sump outlet valve)
  10. What is the purpose of the spray pump discharge flow to the suction of the HPSI pumps?
    Provides NPSH to the HPSI pumps after the switch over to RAS (provides subcooling)
  11. What starts the containment spray pumps?
  12. 1 containment spray pump can supply?
    • 2 spray headers
    • or
    • 1 containment spray header and 1 HPSI subcooling control valve
  13. What happens when you push the containment high pressure pushbuttons?
    • Causes a block of auto opening of CV-3001/3002 spray valves
    • Spray valve test light on SIS sequencer on C-13 lights
    • Initiation of one channel of CHP logic (and SIAS)
    • 5 second delay due to a time delay pickup (TDPU)
  14. What do the containment spray system isolation valves (CV-3001/3002) do on a CHP/RAS?
    • CV-3001/3002 open fully on a CHP
    • CV-3001/3002 throttle from fully open on a RAS
    • -increases NPSH when on a RAS
  15. What causes HPSI subcooling valves CV-3071/3070 to open?
    • CV-3071
    • -P-66A HPSI pump running and
    • -RAS actuated
    • CV-3070
    • -P-66B HPSI running and
    • -containment sump outlet CV-3030 is open
  16. What are the spray pump power supplies?
    • P-54A
    • -D Bus
    • P-54B and C
    • -C Bus
  17. What is the design flow of the spray pumps?
    • 1340 gpm at 195 psia
    • 1800 gpm at 175 psia
  18. Consequences of losing right channel power (D-21-1) post RAS?
    • P-54B/C spray pumps are still in service
    • CV-3002 opens fully
    • CV-3001 remains throttled
  19. What happens to the containment spray system on a CHP?
    • Initiates SIAS
    • Initiates CIS
    • CV-3001/3002 open
    • Spray pumps start after being armed by SIAS
    • P-54C has a 15 second delay for D/G 1-1 loading
  20. What happens on a RAS?
    • 1 out of 2 taken twice
    • Containment sump outlet valves open
    • SIRWT outlets close
    • CV-3001/3002 go to throttled
    • SIRWT recirc valves CV-3027 and CV-3056 close if the A handswitches are in the closed position
    • SW HI caps to CCW Hxs CV-0823/0826 fully open and service water TCVs CV-0821/0822 close
    • CCW inlets to the CCW HXs get an open signal
    • LPSI pumps trip
    • HPSI pump subcooling valves CV-3070 and 3071 open
  21. What are the power supplies for CV-3001/3002, containment spray valves?
    • CV-3001
    • -closing D-11-1 and D-21-1
    • -opening and throttling D-11-1
    • CV-3002
    • -D-21-1
    • Normal air supply is instrument air
    • Backup supplied from N2 station #5
  22. What happens on a RAS if CV-3030, containment sump outlet valve, fails to open?
    • CV-3070 P-66B HPSI pump subcooling valve does not open and
    • CV-3001, containment spray valve will go closed in 30 seconds
    • Must trip left channel HPSI and CS pumps manually

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