G, H, I, & J root words

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  1. Gen
    • birth, creation, race, kind
    • -offspring, descendants
    • miscegenation: interbreeding of races
  2. Gn/Gno
    • know
    • -a person lacking knowledge
    • agnostic: a person who believes that the existence of god is not provable.
  3. Grad/ Gress
    • to step
    • -forward movement
  4. Grat
    • pleasing
    • -thankful
    • ingratiate: to bring oneself into favor
    • gratuity: money given for good service
  5. Her/ Hes
    • to stick
    • -tending to remain in memory; sticky; an adhesive substance
    • coherent: logically consistent; having waves in phase and of one wavelength.
  6. (H)etero
    • different
    • -relating to different sexes
    • heterogeneous: of other origin; not originating in the body.
    • heterodox: different from the awknowledged standard; holding unorthodox opinions or doctrines.
  7. (H)om
    • same
    • -of the same kind or of a similar kind of nature; of uniform structure or composition throughout
    • homonym: on of two or more words that are spelled or pronounced alike, but different in meaning.
  8. Hyper
    • over, excessive
    • -excessively active
    • hyperbole: purposful exaggeration for effect.
  9. Hypo
    • under, beneath, less
    • -underactive thyroid function
    • hypodermic: referring to parts beneath the skin
    • hypothesis: assumption subject to proof
  10. Idio
    • one's own
    • -an utterly stupid person
    • idion: a language, dialect, or style of speaking particular to a people
    • idiosyncrasy: pecularity of temperment; eccentricity
  11. Im/ In/ Em/ En
    • in, into
    • -to close in on all sides
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