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  1. All of the alleles for every gene in a given population is called a?
    gene pool
  2. What 2 letters represent allele frequencies?
    p and q
  3. What is the calculation for allele frequency?
    • = # of specific alleles in a population
    • ------------------------------------------------
    • total # of alleles in a population
  4. What are the calculations for genotype frequency?
    • = # of specific genotypes in a population
    • ----------------------------------------------------
    • total # of genotypes
  5. Hardy-Weinberg equation describes a population that is not...
  6. The Hardy-Weinberg equation is used to estimate the percentage of a ________ carrying the _____ for an inherited disease
    population and allele
  7. The Hardy-Weinberg states that the frequencies of alleles and genotypes in a population will remain _____ from generation to generation provided that only ______ segregation and recombination of alleles are at work.
    constant and Mendelian
  8. p^2 and q^2 represents
    the frequencies of the homozygous genotypes
  9. 2pq represents
    the frequencies of the heterozygous genotypes
  10. What is the Hardy-Weinberg equation?
    p^2+2pq+q^2= 1
  11. What 5 conditions are required to reach Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
    • 1. No new mutations
    • 2. No natural selection
    • 3. Extremely large population size
    • 4. No migration between populations
    • 5. Random mating
  12. What is natural selection?
    it is when beneficial traits that are heritable become more common in successive generations
  13. Natural selection over time results in what?
  14. Natural selection favors individuals with 2 distinct advantages?
    • 1. individuals with characteristics that provide a survival advantage
    • 2. individuals with traits that enhance their ability to reproduce
  15. The relative likelihood that a genotype will contribute to the gene pool of the next generation as compared to other genotypes describes what?
  16. Fitness is a measure of what?
    reproductive success
  17. Does fitness act more directly on the genotype or the phenotype?
  18. Does sexual selection affect the male characteristics or the female characteristics more intensely?
  19. What is intrasexual selection?
    The direct competition among individuals of one sex for mates of the opposite sex----usually occurs in males----ex. 2 rams fighting
  20. What is intersexual selection?
    When individuals of one sex, usually females, are choosy in selecting their mates from individuals of the other sex---mate choice---ex. peacock with pretty feathers
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