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  1. Wireless subscription fraud occurs whan a imposter, using deliberate deception, secures an account with the intent to steal service, equipment or content.


  2. The most important methods used in preventing fraud are validation and verification.


  3. The Primary ID for a customer must match the credit application, first and last name, if it does not, a secondary ID that does match is required.


  4. Authorized User can activate and upgrade accounts.


    False, authorized users can not activate new service in the account holders name, they can however activate service in their own name.
  5. It is important to protect AGENT CODES and passwords, if ATT calls into your store to get this information it is okay to provide this to the representative.


    False, do not give this information to anyone calling in to you. If this occurs, get a callback number and call your representative.
  6. Subscription fraud can be accomplished through multiple points of sale. Over the phone, in person and via the internet.


  7. The following are tools used by fraudsters to obtain services:

    A. Fictitious subscriber information
    B. Stolen identification
    C. Collusion, agreement between 2 or more parties to obtain services
    D. Social engineering, using manipulation, sweet talk or bullying to gain services
    E. Agent Code of Password Compromise
    F. All of the above
    F. all of the above, fraudsters will do anyhting to obtain services.
  8. What are some RED FLAGS for fraud?

    A. Odd and suspicious behavior, of customer working in multiples that do not seem to be family

    B. Customers who are missing or who are unsure of basic information, or if they are rushing you through the sale.

    C. Customers who don't want you to open the box or break the seal.

    D. Out of state ID's

    E. All of the above.
  9. To prevent FRAUD you should be CAREFUL. This stands for the following.

    Capture all required applicant information
    Acceptable forms of ID must be valid and current
    Remember to validate orig primary and secondary ID
    Ensure that the applicant data and ID is a match.
    Find time to take a break
    Understand the subscription fraud policy
    Learn the red flags and what to do when you suspect fraud


    False, you should find time to ask questions, not take a break.
  10. If the applicant meets the requirements and the account is approved for activation, yet you suspect something is not right, contact your ATT rep before completing the activation.


    True, provide your rep with as much information as possible, and let them know why you suspect possible fraud. They will then contact the fraud department and instruct you on the next steps.
  11. What can an unverified customer do?

    A. Open a new account in their name
    B. Do an upgrade
    C. Pay the bill
    D. Make changes to the plan
    E. None of the above
    C, but you can not give them any information, they will need to tell you want they would like to pay.
  12. To activate an account, you can use the following:

    A. Current original State ID or Drivers License
    B. Photocopied State ID or Drivers License.
    C. Expired State ID or Drivers License
    E. Temporary ID
  13. The following are considered PRIMARY forms of ID.

    Drivers License issued by a state of US possession with name, address and photo. Passport issued by the US Government, State ID Card (same as Drivers License) Government ID Card issued by a government agency with a name, address and photo. Alien Registration Receipt Card with photo. INS Form I 151 or U 551, US Military ID Card or draft record, US Military Dependent ID card, US Coast Gaurd Merchant Mariner Card, or INS Form I-688B.
    True, however your location may have other requirements if the customer does not have a state ID or drivers license.
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