Skull Landmarks

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  1. Cribriform Plate
    Olfactory Nerve endings (I)
  2. Optic Canal
    Optic Nerve (II), Ophthalmic aa.
  3. Supraorbital Foramen
    Supraorbital n. and vessels
  4. Infraorbital Foramen
    Infraorbital n. and vessels
  5. Superior Orbital Fissure
    Oculomotor (III), Trochlear (IV), Abducens (VI), Trigeminal (V - ophthalmic division (V1)), ophthalmic vv.
  6. Foramen Rotundum/pterygopalatine
    Maxillary division of V (V2)
  7. Foramen Ovale
    Mandibular Division of V (V3), Accessory meningeal aa.
  8. Foramen Spinosum
    Middle meningeal aa. and vv., Meningeal branch of V3
  9. Foramen Lacerum
    Int. Carotid a., Deep and greater petrosal nn. traveling to pterygoid canal
  10. Carotid Canal
    Int. carotid aa., Carotid autonomic plexus
  11. Internal Auditory Meatus
    Facial (VII), Vestibulocochlear (VIII), labyrinthine aa.
  12. Jugular Foramen
    Glossopharyngeal (IX), Vagus (X), and Accessory (XI), Int. Jugular vein
  13. Hypoglossal canal
    Hypoglossal (XII)
  14. Foramen Magnum
    Spinal cord, spinal accessory nn. (XI), vertebral aa., Ant. and Post. spinal aa.
  15. Stylomastoid foramen
    Facial (VII)
  16. Petrotympanic Fissure
    Chorda tympani (VII)
  17. Greater palatine foramen
    Greater palatine nn. and vessels
  18. Lesser palatine foramen
    Lesser palatine nn. and vessels
  19. Zygomaticofacial foramen
    zygomaticofacial nn.
  20. Zygomaticotemporal foramen
    zygomaticotemporal nn.
  21. Incisive foramen
    Nasopalatine nn., sphenopalatine vessels
  22. Mental foramen
    Mental nn. (V3) and vessels
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