history great depression test

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  1. Election of 1928 candidates?
    Herbet Hoover and Alfred Smith
  2. Wet candidate?
    Smith- agaisnt prohibition
  3. Dry candidate?
    hoover - for prohibition
  4. Speculation?
    a single instance or process of consideration
  5. Black thursday marked?
    end of roaring 20's and beginning of great depression
  6. causes of the depression?
    • overproduction
    • under consumption
    • international relations
    • government practices
    • installment buying
    • disparity of wealth
  7. RFC?
    • reconstruction finance corporation
    • made loans to RR's, insurance companies and banks
  8. Garner-wagner bill?
    would have spent $2.1 billion to creat jobs and given direct aid to unemployment, but hoover vetoed it.
  9. hoovervilles?
    • aka shantytowns
    • housed the unemployed
  10. Dust bowl?
    • a result of the worst drought in history
    • lasted 10 years
    • affected 27 states
    • ruined millions of acres of farm land
  11. bonus army?
    WWI veterans that were promised bonuses in 1945, so they marched to DC to demand an early payment in 1932
  12. International moratorium?
    suspended all war debt payments to the US for one year
  13. Gen. MacArthur?
    ordered US army to clear out veterans in the bonus army w/ force
  14. Hardest hit by great depression??
    • poor
    • white collar workers
  15. African american during depression?
    discriminated against
  16. Huey long?
    • governor of louisiana
    • share the wealth program
  17. Share the wealth program?
    • every family would get guaranteed annual wage of at least $2500
    • *had a special tax on rich to finance it
  18. Dr. townsend?
    • would give each person over 60 a pension of $200 a month
    • *taxes on business transactions financed it
  19. upton sinclair?
    plan for ending poverty: EPIC (end of poverty in CA)
  20. Candidates in election of 1932?
    • Hoover (republican)
    • FDR (democrat)
  21. 20th amendment?
    changed the presidential inauguration date from march 4th to january 20th
  22. Bank holiday?
    FDR ordered banks to close of March 5, 1932
  23. emergency banking act?
    gave sec. of treasury the power to investigate all banks and to open them when he saw fit
  24. fireside chats?
    radio addressed by FDR
  25. 3 R's?
    • relief
    • recovery
    • reform
  26. Pump-priming?
    • recovery
    • temporary programs to restart the flow of consumer demand
  27. reduced agricultural surplus and raised prices for struggling farmers?
    • AAA
    • agricultural adjustment act
  28. guaranteed bank deposits up to $2,500; provides gov’t insurance
    • FDIC
    • federal deposit insurance corporation
  29. regulated the stock market to avoid dishonest practices
    • SEC
    • securities and exchange commission
  30. created unemployment system, disability insurance, old age pension and welfare benefits
    • SSA
    • social security act
  31. employed single men for natural resource conservation
    • CCC
    • civilian corporation corps
  32. built hydroelectric plants and dams aimed at improving 7 southern states and attracting industry to the south
    • TVA
    • tennesse valley authority
  33. combated unemployment; created jobs throughout economy
    • WPA
    • works program administration
  34. legislation that would have allowed FDR to appoint an additional justice to supreme court for each justice over the age of 70
    court packing plan
  35. federal gov’t spending is more than its income
    deficit spending
  36. a downturn in a nation's economy marked by reduced economic activity
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