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  1. artery
    The tubular vessel wich carrys oxygenated from the heart through the body
  2. Atheroscclerosis
    A chronic disease characterized by deposits of fatty substances and cholesterol on the inner layer of the arterial wall. Can lead to obstuction or destruction of the artery.
  3. Hypertension
    Also known as high blood pressure. It is reconized by unstable or persistant elevation of blood pressure above the normal range
  4. Jaws of life
    Trade name refers to a rescue tool manufactured by the hurst company in widespread use throughout the fire service.
  5. Hydraulic oil
    Thin oil used, under pressure, to activate remote systems in order to accomplish a specific task
  6. Tensile strength
    Relating to maximum strength.
  7. Extrication
    The act of removing.
  8. Sphygmomano-meter
    The portion off the blood pressure cuff that reads the actual pressure
  9. Energized electrical
    An electrical device or circuit to wich electrical power is applied
  10. Lashing
    Specific knots and ties pertaining to the tieing of two or more poles together for the purpose of rescue and lifting activities
  11. Hemp
    Rope manufactured by fibers of the hemp plant
  12. Haylard
    The rope usualy 1/2 inch diameter attached to the fly sectionsof an extension ladder
  13. Synthetic
    Man made
  14. Sisal
    Fibers of the mexican hamp plantused to manufacture a specific type of rope
  15. Polypropylene
    Man made fabric used in the construction of synthetic rope
  16. Polyethylene
    Man made fabric used in the construction of synthetic rope
  17. Laying
    A term indicating the direction of twist applied to to the individual strands that form a rope
  18. Manila
    Fiber of the abaca plant, from the phillipines, used to manufacture rope
  19. Breaking strength
    The point at wich the item in question will fail
  20. Axis
    A straight line about wich a body rotates
  21. Ventilation (respitory)
    The process of supplying oxygen to the body through the lungs and the stimultaneous removal of carbon dioxide
  22. Cartoid artery
    The main arteries wich pass up the neck and supply the head. They can be felt on either side of the neck
  23. Larynx
    Located above the trachea below the tongue. The larynx contains the vocal cords
  24. Xiphoid process
    The cartilage located at the lower end of the sternum
  25. Sternum
    The breastbone
  26. Trunk
    The part of the body between the neck and the pelvis
  27. Myocardial infraction(M.l.)
    Damage or death of a portion of the heart muscle usualy occurring in the left ventrical. It is caused by a reduction in the blood supply to that area.
  28. Angina pectoris
    A disease condition marked by spasmodic chest pain. Associated with restricted blood flow to the heart and usualy releived by rest and medication
  29. Nitroglycerin
    A drug wich dialates the blood vessels allowing more blkod to flow. Often used to relive pain associated with angina pectoris.
  30. Ventricle
    One of the two lower chambers of the heart
  31. Cardiogenic shock
    Shock cause from a lessining of cardiac output. This is usualy the result of primary hear disease
  32. Cerebrovascular accident
    A stroke wich is characterized by restricted blood supply to some part of the brain
  33. Subcutaneous
    Beneath the skin
  34. Tourniquet
    A device use to stop bleeding only when all other methods fail
  35. Hemorrhagic shock
    Shock brought on as a result of the loss of large amonuts of blood from blood vessels
  36. Obstructive shock
    Shock cause from insufficient oxygen supply in the body or inability to breath
  37. Neurogenic shock
    Shock produced when muscles of the blood vessels are temporarly or permanently paralyzed. These vessels tend to dialate and more blood than normal is required to fill them
  38. Psychogenic shock
    A fainting spell usually brought on by the dilation of blood vessels caused from emotional stimuli.
  39. Anaphylactic shock
    A condition wich developes rapidly and is caused by an idividuals hypertensivity to a drug or foreign object. Sometimes refferd to as an allergic reaction
  40. Metabolic shock
    A state of shock produced by excessive loss of body fluid and or minreals
  41. Heat exhaustion
    I condition marked by weakness, Nausea, dizziness, and profuse sweating.usually is the result of physical exertion in a hot enviroment
  42. a condition marked by weakness, nausea, dizzines and profus sweating. usualy the reult of physical exertion in a hot enviroment
    heat exhaustion
  43. a condition brought on by exposure to high temapture. characterized by sessatation of sweating, high body temp, and collapse. this can be fatal
    heat stroke
  44. state of unconsciousness caused by disease, injury, poision or drug
  45. the displacement of one or more bones at a joint wich results in improper contact
  46. any break in a bone
  47. the act of pulling
  48. the long bone in the thigh
  49. the inner layer of skin under the epidermis
  50. the outer layer of the skin
  51. any chemical compound containing electro-positive hydrogen ions. acidic material can cause burns and has a sour taste. neutralized by mixture with a base
  52. a compound containing basic properties of salts or metals capable of causing severe burns
  53. the depletion of fluids
  54. a gland located behind the stomach wich produces insulin
  55. a disorder characterized by inadequate secretion of insulin
    diabetes mellitus
  56. a protein hormone secreated into the blood. it is used in the treatment and control of diabetes mellitus
  57. shock produced when an excessive amount of insulin is administrated
    insulin shock
  58. a hallucinatory chemical wich acts on the central nervous system
  59. the air sacs of the lungs that are one of the components that that facilitate oxygenation of the blood
  60. the diver in the water who performs the search while holding on the search line
    primary search diver
  61. a diver who is fully dressed and ready to enter the water who is stationed on the shore ready to replace the primary search diver or to come to their assistance if the diver encounters problems
    back up safety diver
  62. the shore based person who is responseable for holding the search line and directing the the movements of the primary search diver. the line tender is not only responseable for conducting the search pattern but is also responseable for the divers safety. the line tender must record the divers air pressure and keep track how long the diver is under water
    line tender
  63. a 1/4 inch or larger polyprophylene line in a stuff bag
    search line
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