French Pronouns Test

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  1. When is qui used?
    • before a verb
    • whom - referring to person: à qui, pour qui
  2. When is que used?
    before a noun
  3. What idiomatic expressions replacing ce qui can it also be used?
    • qui plus est - what's more
    • qui pis est - what's worse
    • qui mieux est - what's better
  4. When is ce _____ pronouns used?
    sentences w/o an antecedent
  5. When is ce qui used?
    before verb, no antecedent
  6. When is ce que used?
    before noun, no antecedent
  7. When is ce dont used?
    with expressions that use de

    • avoir envie de - feel like
    • avoir besoin de - to have need for
    • avoir honte de - to have shame
    • avoir peur de - to have fear
    • avoir l'air de - to look like
  8. Lequel, laquelle, lesquels, lesquelles used ?
    • after a preposition (dans, devant, pour) refers to things/persons
    • must agree w/ antecedent
    • after parmi (among) or entre (between)
  9. What happens if lequel(etc) is preceded by à?
    • auquel
    • à laquelle
    • auxquels
    • auxquelles
  10. When is où used?
    time or place meaning where/which
  11. When is dont used?
    • may refer to persons or things
    • meaning whose or used with de expressions
    • parler de - speaking of
    • must immediately follow the noun to which it refers, otherwise use de + lequel
  12. Dont cannot be followed by what?
    • possesive adjective
    • La fille, je connais ses parents
    • La fill dont je connais les parents
  13. How would you rewrite C'est le garcon. Je suis sorti avec sa soeur. ?
    • C'est le garcon avec la soeur duquel je suis sorti.
    • agrees with le garcon
  14. How do you conjugate de + lequel?
    • duquel
    • de laquelle
    • desquels
    • desquelles
  15. When is quoi used?
    after a preposition such as de, à, sur
  16. Different prepositions are used with different verbs, all which mean "about".
    What are the prep. connected with s'agir, penser, écrire, étonner?
    • s'agir de
    • étonner de
    • parler de
    • penser à
    • écrire sur
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