Eyelid/Facial Abnl

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  1. What is Cogan Twitch associated with what dz?
    How is it Cogan Twitch diagnosed?
    • MG
    • Pt looks down then rapidly refixate straight ahead and the lid overshoots upward of the eyelid and flutter as lid settles into position.
  2. Give an example of Herring law of equal innervation in ptosis
    Right eye ptosis, then lift the right eye and the left eye appears ptosis
  3. apraxia of eyelid opening can be found
    extrapyrmidal dz Parkinson, Wilsons Shy Drager PSP Bilateral frontal infarts, essental blepharspasm
  4. Crocodile tears
    lacrimation with chewing via greater superfical petrosal nerve
  5. Marcus Jaw Wink
    chewing cause eyelid closure pterygoid CN 5/ CN3 levator
  6. Ramsy Hunt
    Zoster with CN 7 pasly
  7. Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome is
    recurrent facial nerve palsy associate with chronic facial swelling and lingua plicta (furrowing of the tongue)
  8. How does sarcoid affect the CN7
    via Parotid Gland
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